WITHDRAWN S320.12.09 — Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections and Stellar Spindown

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Aug 14th at 12:14 PM until 12:26 PM




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Author(s): Cecilia Garraffo1, Ofer Cohen1, Jeremy J Drake1

Institution(s): 1. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Young, magnetically-active stars appear to dissipate a larger fraction of their coronal energy in flares than lower activity stars like the Sun. The flares that characterize these stars can also be orders of magnitude more energetic than solar flares. On the Sun, large flares are always accompanied by coronal mass ejections. In active stars, the mass lost through CMEs could dominate that lost through the steady wind, and could also dominate the angular momentum loss and spin-down of the star. The angular momentum carried away by a CME is a complicated function of its mass, trajectory, and the point at which it becomes super-Alfvenic. Here, we employ detailed magnetohydrodynamic models of CMEs on active stars to investigate their angular momentum loss. We discuss the results in the context of stellar rotational evolution.