S319.8.01 — The far-infrared view on the distant Universe

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Aug 13th at 8:30 AM until 9:00 AM




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Author(s): David Elbaz1

Institution(s): 1. CEA Saclay

I will review what we have learnt on distant galaxies from far infrared surveys and present news ways to identify z>2 highly star-forming galaxies, often missed by standard techniques such as LBGs, that may represent the missing progenitors of passive z~2 galaxies. I will also discuss inconsistencies between SFR indicators that can be linked to the starburstiness and compactness of star-forming galaxies. Based on these results we will discuss the evidence in favor/against the existence of a SFR-M* main sequence up to z=4. The impact of the spatial distribution of star formation and its evolution with redshift will be discussed on the basis of newly obtained ALMA data.