Security & Safety

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Security at any conference is of great importance.  The safety of attendees, the securityfor the exhibits and exhibitors and the electronic equipment and audiovisual systems are of the utmost importance.  The IAU General Assembly is no exception to these guidelines.Thankfully, the crime rate in Honolulu is low and problems at any meeting are rare, but attendees should still be careful as they explore Honolulu, especially if out and about late at night or in a strange location. It is a big city with typical big city problems.  Hawaii is a very safe location, but being careful is still a personal responsibility for all attendees.

Because of the recent controversy surrounding the construction of the TMT and other telescopes, security and access to the conference facilities will be tightly controlled.  This means that meeting attendees will be asked to verify their identity when picking up their registration materials by presenting a photo ID, either a passport, national identity card or drivers license.

Name badges must be worn at all times while attending the conference and attendees will be asked to present their name badge to enter lecture rooms, the exhibit hall and the main entrance to the Convention Center.  If you lose your badge, you can have another one printed at the registration desk.  Be sure to bring a photo id so that registration staff can verify your identity.  If you see activity that seems suspicious or notice some activity that is clearly not connected with scientific discourse at the conference, please notify meeting staff immediately.  This would include unknown persons in the conference venue or protestors assembling inside or outside the conference facility or any meeting hotel.

Medical staff are on call at the conference facility and meeting hotels and can provide medical assistance when necessary.  Notify meeting staff immediately if there is a medical issue or accident that requires medical assistance.  They will get appropriate staff to respond as quickly as possible.  If you have any medical condition that puts you at risk while you are at the conference, please inform the registration staff so they can help ensure your well-being while attending the meeting.