1. Abdul-Azim, Zalika
    Photography and Imaging Department, NYU, Tisch School of the Arts / Social and Cultural Analysis Department, NYU, College of Arts and Sciences
  2. Acord, Sophia Krzys
    Associate Director, Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida
  3. Adams, Jennifer Wood
    Journalism Program Director and Associate Professor, Auburn University
  4. Agloro, Alexandrina
    PAGE Senior Associate, University of Southern California
  5. Aguado, Bill
    Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, Hostos Community College
  6. Ajirotutu, Cheryl
    Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Climate, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  7. Akin, Suzan
    Cal Corps Public Service Center Program Manager, University of California, Berkeley
  8. Alexander, Jessica "Decky"
    Associate Professor and Director, Academic Service-Learing, Eastern Michigan University
  9. Alexander-Bakiriddin, Joan
    Co-Chair, PBNYC District 45, Participatory Budgeting in New York City
  10. Ali, Issa
    Macalester College
  11. Alizio, Arianne
    New York University
  12. Allen, Jeff
    Vice President, Federation of State Humanities Councils
  13. Allison, John
    Spence Professor of Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin
  14. Alston, Kal
    Senior Vice President, Human Capital Development, Syracuse University
  15. Alzaid, Barrak
    Artistic Director, ArteEast
  16. Amazan, Gaelle
    Ph.D. Student, Higher Education, Syracuse University
  17. Anderson, Ellen K.
    Director, Isla Vista Arts, University of California Santa Barbara
  18. Anderson, Janeane
    Ph.D. Candidate in Communication, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California
  19. Anderson, Kristin
    Director of Community Development, North Shore Community Development Coalition
  20. Arem, Jocelyn
    Folklorist, Lecturer, Documentary Project Director, Caffи Lena
  21. Armstrong, John
    2012-13 PAGE Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in Adult and Extension Education, Cornell University
  22. Arnold, Philip P.
    Associate Professor of Indigenous Religions, Director of Native American Studies, Syracuse University
  23. Arthur, Loyce
    Associate Professor, Head of Design, and Co-Director, International Programs Caribbean Diaspora and Atlantic Studies Program, University of Iowa
  24. Atlas, Caron
    Director, Arts and Democracy Project
  25. Auerbach, Nancy
    Mary Wig Johnson Professor of Politics, Scripps College
  26. Austin, Lacy
    Director of Community Programs, International Center of Photography
  27. Autry, LaTanya
    PAGE Senior Associate, University of Delaware
  28. Avila, Maria
    Andrew W. Fellow, Center for Democracy and Diversity, University of Southern California
  29. Avineri, Netta
    Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and Anthropology, and Research Associate, Center for Jewish Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
  30. Ayers, Edward
    President, University of Richmond
  31. Bailey, Kermit
    Associate Professor of Graphic Design, North Carolina State University
  32. Bandy, Joe
    Affiliated Faculty in Sociology and Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University
  33. Baptista, Lori
    Director, African American Cultural Center, University of Illinois at Chicago
  34. Barajas, Salvador
    Research Fellow, University of Richmond
  35. Barskova, Polina
    Professor of Russian Literature, Hampshire College
  36. Barth, Jay
    Director of Civic Engagement Projects, Hendrix College
  37. Bartha, Miriam
    Associate Director, Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington, Seattle
  38. Barton, Adanma
    Assistant Professor of Theatre, Berea College
  39. Batten, Garret
    Assistant Director, Project Pericles
  40. Bauman, Maria
    Director of Education & Community Engagement, Urban Bush Women
  41. Beall, Charlotte
    Visitor Center Manager, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  42. Beard, Maiben
    Outreach Associate, Auburn University
  43. Belanger, Elizabeth
    Assistant Professor of History, Stonehill College
  44. Benacka, Lindsay
    Education Associate, Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
  45. Bendiner-Viani, Gabrielle
    Special Projects Coordinator for Urbanism and Civic Engagement / Principal, The New School for Public Engagement / Buscada
  46. Berg, Tamara
    Associate Professor and Director, Department of Women's and Gender Studies, Winona State University
  47. Bezbatchenko, Anne
    Program Officer, The Teagle Foundation
  48. Bhuta, Sonia
    Columbia University Law School
  49. Blackstone, Amy
    Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Maine
  50. Blair, Brent
    Director, Applied Theatre Arts, USC School of Dramatic Arts
  51. Blandy, Doug
    Senior Vice Provost, University of Oregon
  52. Bolton, Betsy
    Professor of English and Environmental Studies, Swarthmore College
  53. Bondy, Barb
    Associate Professor of Art, Auburn University
  54. Bontemps, Johnny
    New York University
  55. Bose, Mallika
    Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University
  56. Braden, Jessie
    Environmental Planner, Pratt Center for Community Development
  57. Bramen, Carrie
    Executive Director, Humanities Institute, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  58. Brandt, Kathleen
    Assistant Professor, Industrial and Interaction Design Program, Syracuse University
  59. Brier, Jennifer
    Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
  60. Brock, Lisa
    Academic Director, Arcus Center for Social Justice, Kalamazoo College
  61. Browder, Laura
    Professor of American Studies, University of Richmond
  62. Brown, David
    The New School
  63. Brunner, Brigitta
    Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, Auburn University
  64. Brzozowski, Carole
    Arts Presenter, Syracuse University / Arts Engage
  65. Bugg, Tyler
    Graduate Student, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Center for Art and Public Policy
  66. Burgett, Bruce
    Professor and Director of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell
  67. Burton, Suzanne
    Professor of Music Education, University of Delaware
  68. Busby, Katie
    Director of Institutional Assessment, Tulane University
  69. Byrne-Maisto, Mary Jean
    Dream Freedom Revival
  70. Caldwell, Kaelyn
    Community-Based Learning Coordinator and Graduate Student, University of Washington Bothell
  71. Calfano, Brian
    Associate Professor of Political Science, Missouri State University
  72. Callier, Durell
    Graduate Student, Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  73. Calo, Carole
    Professor of Art History and Chair, VPA Department, Stonehill College
  74. Carlisle, Katie
    Assistant Professor of Music Education, College Music Society / Georgia State University
  75. Carney, Megan
    Director, Gender and Sexuality Center, University of Illinois at Chicago
  76. Casals, Gonzalo
    Director of Education and Public Programs, El Museo del Barrio
  77. Castaldo, Ralph
    New York University
  78. Castillo, Celestina
    Assistant Director, Center for Community Based Learning, Occidental College
  79. Chambers, Robert
    Assistant to the President for Government and Community Relations, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  80. Chen, Amy
    Fellow, NYC Urban Fellows Program, City of New York
  81. Chenault, Wesley
    Head, Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University
  82. Chenjeri, Prakash
    Associate Professor and Director, Department of Philosophy, Southern Oregon University
  83. Chikkatur, Anita
    Assistant Professor of Educational Studies, Carleton College
  84. Chong, Ping
    Artistic Director, Ping Chong & Company
  85. Chouinard, Fanny
    Director of Administration and Finance, Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University
  86. Chow, Valerie
    Associate Director, Civic Engagement and Experiential Learning, Barnard College
  87. Christ, Birte
    Karl Loewenstein Fellow in Political Science and Jurisprudence / Assistant Professor of American Studies, Amherst College / University of Giessen, Germany
  88. Christensen, Carrie
    Adjunct Faculty / Designer, University of Minnesota / Community Design Group
  89. Cocke, Dudley
    Artistic Director, Roadside Theater/Appalshop
  90. Cohen, Cynthia
    Director, Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, Brandeis University
  91. Cohen-Cruz, Jan
    University Professor and Journal Editor, Syracuse University and Imagining America
  92. Collins, Daniel
    Associate Professor of English, Manhattan College
  93. Colon, Diane
    Coordinator of Children's Services, Salvation Army / Briarwood Family Residence
  94. Colvin, Carolyn
    Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning, The University of Iowa
  95. Conable, Anne
    Special Projects Coordinator, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
  96. Cooper, Marc
    Professor of History and Managing Editor of the eJournal of Public Affairs, Missouri State University
  97. Corder, Evane
    Student, Department of Fine Arts, St. John's University
  98. Corey, Jean
    Associate Professor of English and Director, Center for Public Humanities, Messiah College
  99. Countryman, Matthew
    Faculty Director, Arts of Citizenship Program, University of Michigan
  100. Cox, Aimee
    Professor, African American Studies and Performance, Fordham University
  101. Creighton, Sean
    Executive Director, Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE)
  102. Criss, Shannon
    Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Kansas
  103. Cummings, DeAnna
    Executive Director, Juxtaposition Arts
  104. Damiani, Jonathan
    Doctoral Candidate, Instructor, and School Liaison, Department of Teaching and Leadership, Syracuse University School of Education
  105. Damron, Rebecca
    Associate Professor of English and Director, OSU Writing Center, Oklahoma State University
  106. Davis, Carol
    Community Outreach Facilitator, New River Valley Planning Distric Commission
  107. Davis, Zachary
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy, St. John's University
  108. Day, James
    Assistant Dean, School of the Arts and Communication, The College of New Jersey
  109. De Leon, Nadia
    Community Engagement Coordinator, ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships, Western Kentucky University
  110. DeGeorge, Vince
    Graduate Student in Directing and Public Dialogue, Virginia Tech
  111. DeLaney, Matt
    Library Director, Tully Free Library
  112. DeMoss, Karen
    Chair, Education Department, The New School
  113. Denmead, Tyler
    Post-doctoral Research Associate, John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities, Brown University
  114. Denny, Melody
    Graduate Student, Composition and Rhetoric, Oklahoma State University
  115. Denton, Teresa
    Associate Director of Service-Learning, Kalamazoo College
  116. Deramo, Michele
    Director of Service-Learning, Virginia Tech
  117. Derwin, Susan
    Director, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, University of California, Santa Barbara
  118. Desai, Dipti
    Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Art Education Program, New York University
  119. Dietz, Steve
    Artistic Director, Northern Lights.mn
  120. Disser, Nicole
    Graduate Student, Arthur L. Carter School of Journalism, New York University
  121. Domagal-Goldman, Jennifer
    National Manager, American Democracy Project, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)
  122. Donovan, Abigail
    Associate Professor of Art, University of Delaware
  123. Drakes, Gail
    Academic Adviser / Associate Faculty, New York University
  124. Draxler, Bridget
    Assistant Professor of English, Monmouth College
  125. DuBord, Elise
    Assistant Professor of Spanish, Drew University
  126. Duclos-Orsello, Elizabeth
    Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Coordinator of American Studies, and Faculty Fellow for Service-Learning, Salem State University
  127. Duff, John
    Director, School of Music, University of Florida
  128. Duffly, Catherine
    Assistant Professor of Theatre, Reed College
  129. Duke, Robert
    Associate Professor, Undergraduate Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific University
  130. Edell, Dana
    Executive Director, SPARK Movement
  131. Edlin, Margot
    Faculty Fellow/Associate Professor, Queensborough Community College - CUNY
  132. Elizabeth, Lynne
    Director, New Village Press
  133. Ellison, Julie
    Professor of American Culture and English, University of Michigan
  134. Elmer, Jonathan
    Director, College Arts and Humanities Institute, Indiana University
  135. Engel, Kathy
    Visiting Assistant Professor and Co-Director, Arts Politics and Lyrical Democracies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
  136. Espada, Margarita
    Artistic Director Teatro Yerbabruja, Stony Brook University
  137. Ewing, Kevin
    Student, The New School of Public Engagement
  138. Fábrega, Alexa
    Graduate Student, Pratt Institute
  139. Fairley, Nan
    Associate Professor, Auburn University
  140. Falcon, Adrienne
    Director of Academic Civic Engagement, Carleton College
  141. Falcone, Rachel
    Housing is a Human Right
  142. Fanuzzi, Robert
    Associate Professor of English and American Studies, St. John's University
  143. Farrow, Bianca
    New York University
  144. Ferede, Hiwot
    Programme Coordinator, Reseach Center for Leadership in Action, New York University
  145. Fisher, Havanna
    Student, The New School
  146. Flanagan, Lisa
    Assistant Professor of Communications, Xavier University of Louisiana
  147. Flowers, Kathleen
    Director, Center for Community Engagement & Service-Learning, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  148. Fournet, Adele
    Doctoral Student, Ethnomusicology, New York University
  149. Fournet, Adele
    New York University
  150. Francioni, Joan
    Professor of Computer Science and Women's and Gender Studies, Winona State University
  151. Frederick, Mona
    Executive Director, Warren Center, Vanderbilt University
  152. Frisch, Michael
    Professor of American Studies/ Senior Research Scholar, University at Buffalo, SUNY
  153. Furco, Andy
    Associate Vice President for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota
  154. Gaiba, Francesca
    Associate Director for Research, UIC Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy
  155. Gaiter, Colette
    Associate Professor, University of Delaware
  156. Gale, Catherine
    The New School for Public Engagement
  157. Gale, Sylvia
    Associate Director, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, University of Richmond
  158. Gaspar, Christine
    Executive Director, The Center for Urban Pedagogy
  159. Geerdes, Cyndi
    Director of Community Engagement, Stanford University
  160. Geist, Alison
    Director, Institute for Service-Learning, Kalamazoo College
  161. Georg, Deborah
    Associate Professor, KSA, The Ohio State Universtiy
  162. Gilbert, Linetta
    Co-Leader, The Declaration Iniative
  163. Gilvin, Amanda
    Postdoctoral Fellow in African Art and Architecture, Mount Holyoke College
  164. Girmay, Aracelis
    Asst. Professor of Poetry, Hampshire College
  165. Godsoe, Bethany
    Executive Director, NYU Wagner Research Center for Leadership in Action
  166. González, Bea
    Dean, University College, Syracuse University
  167. Gonzalez, Garnetta
    The New School for Public Engagement
  168. González-Millán, Ariel
    Student, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, School Architecture and Urban Planning
  169. Goodhue, Elizabeth
    Assistant Director, UCLA Center for Community Learning
  170. Gordon, Elyse
    Graduate Student, University of Washington
  171. Gore, Nils
    Associate Professor, University of Kansas
  172. Gorski, Christopher
    The New School for Public Engagement
  173. Granda, Megan
    Executive Director, Duke Center for Civic Engagement
  174. Grant, Charlene
    Lecturer, Spanish and French, Skidmore College
  175. Greenfield, Tamara
    Executive Director, Fourth Arts Block
  176. Greenwald, Richard
    Dean and Professor, St. Joseph's College, NY
  177. Guiod, Suzanne
    Editor-in-Chief, Syracuse University Press
  178. Gupta-Carlson, Himanee
    Assistant Professor, SUNY Empire State College
  179. Haar, Sharon
    Professor, School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago
  180. Haft, Jamie
    Communications Manager
  181. Hager, Lori
    Assistant Professor, Community Arts, University of Oregon
  182. Hague, Daydrie
    Professor, Theatre, Auburn University
  183. Haines, Patricia
    Co-Founder and Director, Level Green Institute
  184. Hamann, Keitha Lucas
    Associate Professor of Music Education, University of Minnesota
  185. Hamby, Elizabeth
    Artist/Curator, Artist/Curator, "Voices and Visions" Media Exhibition
  186. Hamilton, Cathy
    Director, Office of Leadership and Service-Learning, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  187. Hammer, Julie
    Librarian, Otselic Valley Central School
  188. Hanna, Katie
    Partnership for After School Education (PASE)
  189. Harney, Emily
    Director of Community Engagement and Marketing, MAPP International Productions
  190. Haroon, Hiba
    Graduate Student and PAGE Fellow, Syracuse University
  191. Harris, Lindsay
    Artist, New York University
  192. Harriss, Harriet
    Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Oxford Brookes University / Visiting Professor, School of Design Strategies, Parsons The New School for Design
  193. Hartfield-Mendez, Vialla
    Director of Engaged Learning and Professor of Pedagogy, Office of University-Community Partnerships, Emory University
  194. Harwood, Stacy
    Associate Professor, University of Illinois
  195. Hayes, Roberta
    Assistant Professor, Sciences, St. John's University
  196. Hayley, Barbara
    Professor and Dance Coordinator of the Newcomb Dance Program, Tulane University
  197. Heathcott, Joseph
    Associate Professor of Urban Studies, The New School
  198. Henzi, Jennifer
    Student/volunteer, New York University
  199. Hertel, Antoinette
    Associate Professor & Director of Global Studies, St. Joseph's College, New York
  200. Hethorn, Janet
    Professor and Chair, Art Department, University of Delaware
  201. Hicks, Amy
    Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
  202. Hicks, Travis
    Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  203. Higgins, Robin
    Assistant Director, Imagining America
  204. Hill, Dominique
    Ph.D. Candidate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  205. Hillard, Jan
    Associate Provost for Research and Regional Stewardship and Dean of Graduate Studies, Northern Kentucky University
  206. Hofmann-Pinilla, Amparo
    Deputy Director, Research Center for Leadership in Action
  207. Holoch, Adele
    PhD Candidate, University of Iowa
  208. Horrigan, Paula
    Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Cornell University
  209. Howard, Amy
    Executive Director, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, University of Richmond
  210. Howell, Melissa
    Principal, Social Impact Design Studios
  211. Howson, David
    Zankel Director of Arts Administration, Skidmore College
  212. Huang, Tuo
    Volunteer, New York University
  213. Hubbell, Kent
    Robert W. and Elizabeth C. Staley Dean of Students, Cornell University
  214. Hughes, Glyn
    Director of Common Ground, University of Richmond
  215. Hurwit, Ivy
    Department of Art and Public Policy, New York University
  216. Ifil-Ryan, Jennifer
    Student, New York University
  217. Ilustre, Vincent
    Executive Director, Center for Public Service, Tulane University
  218. Innouvong, Tony
    Graduate Assistant, Alcorn State University
  219. Jack, Meghann
    Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures: A Critical Examination of Fieldwork, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  220. Jacobi, Nathan
    Associate Director for Civic Engagement, St. Olaf College
  221. Jacques, Frieda
    Turtle Clan Mother and Home/School Coordinator, Onondaga Nation School
  222. Janisch Lake, Ruth
    Assistant Director, Civic Engagement Center, Macalester College
  223. Jaramillo, Cynthia Lawson
    Associate Professor of Integrated Design, Parsons The New School for Des
  224. Jay, Gregory
    Professor and Senior Director, Cultures and Communities, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  225. Jeffords, Susan
    Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Washington Bothell
  226. Jeyathurai, Dashini
    2012–13 Page Fellow, Doctoral Candidate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  227. Johnson, Kaisha
    Program Director, Center for Traditional Music and Dance
  228. Jones, James
    Professor of Psychology, University of Delaware
  229. Jones, Robert
    Senior Vice President, University of Minnesota
  230. Juarez, Norma
    The New School for Public Engagement
  231. Karbiener, Karen
    Master Teacher of Humanities, New York University
  232. Kelley, Anthony
    Assistant Director of Diversity Recruitment and Outreach, University of Washington Bothell
  233. Kerr, Theodore
    The New School
  234. Kidd, Mark
    Communications Director, Roadside Theater/Appalshop
  235. Kiely, Richard
    Director, Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research, Cornell University
  236. Kilkelly, Ann
    Professor in Theatre and Cinema and Women's Studies, Virginia Tech
  237. Kim, Alice
    Director, The Public Square, Illinois Humanities Council
  238. Kohl-Arenas, Erica
    Assistant Professor, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy at The New School
  239. Kolmar, Wendy
    Prof and Chair of English; Director of Women's and Gender Studies, Drew University
  240. Koritz, Amy
    Director, Center for Civic Engagement, Drew University
  241. Korza, Pam
    Co-director, Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts
  242. Koteen, Adrianne
    Independent Artist, New York City
  243. Krabill, Ron
    Associate Professor and Associate Director for Graduate Education, University of Washington Bothell
  244. Krebs, John
    Professor of Music, Hendrix College
  245. Kudak, Kelsey
    Journalist/Graduate Student, New York University
  246. Kuftinec, Sonja
    Professor, University of Minnesota
  247. Kwan, Mui Ying
    Student, The New School
  248. La Sorte, Jana
    Executive Director, Urban Bush Women
  249. Labay, Eulani
    Designer and Educator, Ghana Think Tank
  250. Lai, Charles
    Co-Director, New York Chinatown History Project
  251. Lai, Jeff
    Principal, Office of Jeff, inc.
  252. Lamar, Jay
    Director, Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities, Auburn University
  253. Lambert, Gregg
    Founding Director, Humanities Center, Syracuse University
  254. Lamberta, Gail
    Associate Dean for Arts and Sciences and Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies, St. Joseph's College
  255. Lands, LeeAnn
    Associate Professor of History and American Studies, Kennesaw State University
  256. Larson, Eric
    Lecturer, History and Literature, Harvard University
  257. Lasagna, Holly
    Associate Director, Community-Based Learning, Harward Center, Bates College
  258. LaTronica, Starr
    Youth Services/Outreach Manager, Four County Library System
  259. Law, Audrina
    Stetson University
  260. Lee, Aleta
    Student, Arts Politics, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
  261. Lee, Cynthia
    Public History/Exhibition Consultant
  262. Lee, Lisa
    Director, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, Associate Director, School of Art & Design, University of illinois at Chicago
  263. Lee, Michael
    New York University
  264. Leiva, Priscilla
    Doctoral Candidate, Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California
  265. Leonard, Robert
    Professor of Theatre, Virginia Tech
  266. Leonard, Zeke
    Assistant Professor of Design, Syracuse University
  267. Lesko, Holly
    Community Engagement Research Faculty, Institute for Policy and Governance, Virginia Tech
  268. Leung, Irene
    Part-time Faculty, The New School
  269. Levitt, Bruce
    Professor, Department of Performing and Media Arts, Cornell University
  270. Levitte, Yael
    Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, Office of Faculty Development and Diversity, Cornell University
  271. Levy, Jessica
    Head Instructor, Maura Clarke and Ita Ford Center in Brooklyn
  272. Lewis, Nghana
    Associate Professor of English and African & African Diaspora Studies, Tulane University
  273. Li, Jie
    New York University
  274. Likarish, Peter
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Drew University
  275. Lin, Xiaohui
    New York University
  276. Litwak, Jessica
    Director, Arts and Human Rights Initiative, Theatre Without Borders
  277. Liu, Laura
    Assistant Professor of Urban Studies, Eugene Lang College, The New School
  278. Livingston, Rick
    Associate Director, Humanities Institute, Ohio State University
  279. Lloyd, Vincent
    Assistant Professor of Religion, Syracuse University
  280. Lockhart, Kris
    Associate Vice President, Office for Equity and Diversity, University of Minnesota
  281. Lonsway, Brian
    Associate Professor of Architecture, Syracuse University
  282. Lopez, Ana M.
    Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Tulane University
  283. Lotif, Mohammed
    Service Learning Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, Inst. For Service-Learning, Kalamazoo College
  284. Louis, Ross
    Chair, Department of Communications, Xavier University of Louisiana
  285. Lubranski, Linda
    Educator, Alumnus of University of Pennsylvania and Teach for America
  286. Lucas, Patrick Lee
    Executive Director, Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  287. Lutterbie, John
    Professor and Chair, Department of Theatre Arts and Department of Art, Stony Brook University SUNY
  288. Lutwin, Adam
    Educator, Syracuse University / Syracuse City School District
  289. Mackintosh, Esther
    President, Federation of State Humanities Councils
  290. Macklin, Angelica
    Ph.D. Student, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, University of Washington
  291. Maeda, Donna
    Professor and Chair, Occidental College
  292. Mahan, Stephen
    Director, Photography and Literacy Project, Syracuse University
  293. Mahoney, Eleanor
    2012–13 PAGE Fellow, University of Washington Seattle
  294. Maitra, Rob
    Director of Programs, Harlem RBI
  295. Mangum, Teresa
    Director and Associate Professor, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa
  296. Manjon, Sonia
    Vice President, Institutional Partnerships/CDO, Wesleyan University
  297. Manno, Jack
    Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Syracuse University
  298. Markham, Paul
    Director, Institute for Citizenship & Social Responsibility, Western Kentucky University
  299. Martin, Randy
    Professor and Chair of Art and Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
  300. Maugans, Wayne
    Director of Education and Outreach, Joy of Giving Something, Inc.
  301. McCabe, Michael
    Associate Professor, Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University
  302. McCarthy, Molly
    Associate Director, Humanities Institute, University of California, Davis
  303. McClure, Sedric
    Multicultural Counselor, MAX Center, Macalester College
  304. McFarlane-Harris, Jennifer
    Assistant Professor of English, Messiah College
  305. McHale, Ellen
    Executive Director, New York Folklore Society
  306. McKee, Callie
    Graduate Student in Applied Drama and Theatre for the Young, Eastern Michigan University
  307. McNair, Lily
    Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Wagner College
  308. McNally, Michael
    Professor of Religion and Faculty Coordinator, Center for Community and Civic Engagement, Carleton College
  309. McNamara, Jane
    Director of Grants and Programs, New York Council for the Humanities
  310. McTigue, Ellen
    Student, New York University
  311. Medlin, Kristin
    Communications & Partnerships Manager, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  312. Mehlman Petrzela, Natalia
    Assistant Professor, Education Studies and History, Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
  313. Mejia, Judy
    Director of Civic Engagement & Social Justice, The New School - Eugene Lang College
  314. Melsop, Susan
    Assistant Professor, Department of Design, The Ohio State University
  315. Mendez, Cecilia
    Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  316. Menser, Michael
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Brooklyn College
  317. Michna, Catherine
    A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Tulane University
  318. Mick, Connie Snyder
    Director of Community-Based Learning and Co-Director, Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor, University of Notre Dame
  319. Milbrodt, Natalie
    Director, Queens Memory Project, Queens College CUNY, and Digital Content and Strategy Coordinator, Queens Library
  320. Millan, Angelica
    Bonner Program, Stetson University
  321. Miller, Karen
    Faculty Associate, Anthropology Department, University of Maine, Orono
  322. Miller, Kristine
    Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota
  323. Milliron, Margaret
    Independent Historical Researcher
  324. Minter, Amy
    Student Academic Support, Office of the Provost, The New School
  325. Mitchell, Corrie
    New York University
  326. Moder, Carol
    Professor and Head, Department of English, Oklahoma State University
  327. Montilla, Heather-Marie
    Executive Director, Doing Art Together, Inc.
  328. Morowitz, Laura
    Professor of Art History, Wagner College
  329. Morris, Daniel
    Professor of French and Director, Arts and Humanities Council, Southern Oregon University
  330. Morse, Victoria
    Associate Professor of History, Carleton College
  331. Moynagh, Patricia
    Associate Professor of Political Science, Wagner College
  332. Mu, Ge
    New York University
  333. Muir, Sian
    Entrepreneur in Residence, St. Olaf College
  334. Mukhtar, Shan
    Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts, Emory University
  335. Murray, Sean
    Assistant Professor of English Composition, St. John's University
  336. Muse, Ann
    Professor of Theatre Arts, Hendrix College
  337. Nagel, Erica
    Artistic Engagement Manager, McCarter Theatre Center
  338. Nahmias, Leah
    Program Officer, New York Council for the Humanities
  339. Najera, Patricia
    Assistant Director, Urban Initiatives and Research, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  340. Nance, Agnieszka
    Assistant Director, Center for Public Service, Tulane University
  341. Naples, Tom
    Musician and Researcher, Randforce Associates, LLC
  342. New, Jennifer
    Assistant Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa
  343. Nigro, Georgia
    Professor of Psychology, Bates College
  344. Nisperos, Dominique
    Doctoral Student, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center
  345. Novak, Lorie
    Professor of Photography & Imaging, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
  346. Nwankwo, Ifeoma
    Associate Professor of English, Vanderbilt University
  347. O'Connor, Colleen
    Graduate Student, Visual Arts Administration, New York University
  348. Oesau, Thomas
    Project Coordinator, NOCD-NY
  349. Ojala, Meg
    Professor of Art, St. Olaf College
  350. Olin, Nelva
    ACD Program Coordinator, United Community Center
  351. Olsen, Molly
    Associate Professor and Chair, Macalester College
  352. Orlandini, Tina
    New York University
  353. Orphan, Cecilia
    Ph.D. Student, Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
  354. Ortenberg, Rebecca
    Student, Cooperstown Graduate Program
  355. Osborn, David
    Instructor, Portland State University
  356. Osorio, Jamaica
    New York University
  357. Ospina, Sonia
    Professor of Public Management and Policy, NYU/ Wagner School of Public Service, Research Center for Leadership in Action
  358. Overby, Lynnette
    Professor of Theatre and Dance and Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning, University of Delaware
  359. Panchal, Kaushik
    Principal, Buscada
  360. Pasulka, Nicole
    Journalist/Student, NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
  361. Pavlick, Kathi
    President, Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery
  362. Payne, Maxine
    Associate Professor of Art, Hendrix College
  363. Pearigen, Robert
    President, Millsaps College
  364. Pearse, Joysetta
    Executive Director, The African American Genealogical Society, Inc (TAAGS)
  365. Pedersen, Alice
    Ph.D. Candidate, English Language and Literatures, University of Washington
  366. Petriano, Thomas
    Professor and Chair of Religious Studies, St. Joseph's College
  367. Phillips, Patricia
    Associate Provost, Rhode Island School of Design
  368. Pinkerson, Mary Enid
    Community Affairs Coordinator, Center for Jewish Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
  369. Pocius, Gerald
    University Research Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  370. Pollack, Seth
    Professor of Service Learning, California State University, Monterey Bay
  371. Pollock, Della
    Professor of Communication Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  372. Prasad, Leela
    Associate Professor of Religion and Faculty Director, Center for Civic Engagement , Duke University
  373. Preiss, Danielle
    Graduate Student, SUNY ESF/Syracuse University
  374. Premo, Michael
    Co-Producer, Housing is a Human Right
  375. Preskill, Stephen
    Professor of Civic Engagement and Leadership, Wagner College
  376. Proffit, Michelle
    Project Coordinator, Arts and Democracy Project
  377. Quinn, Kelly
    Terra Foundation Project Manager for Online Scholarly and Educational Initiatives, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
  378. Ramachandran, Nandini
    Graduate Student, Arthur Carter Journalism School, New York University
  379. Ramos-Fermin, Hatuey
    NYC Artist, Re-imagining America Media Exhibition
  380. Ransby, Barbara
    Professor and Interim Vice Provost for Planning and Programs, University of Illinois at Chicago
  381. Ray, Darby
    Director of the Harward Center for Community Partnerships and Donald W. and Ann M. Harward Professor of Civic Engagement, Bates College
  382. Recchiuti, John
    Professor, University of Mount Union
  383. Reddy, Chandan
    Associate Professor, University of Washington
  384. Reddy, Prerana
    Director of Public Events and Community Engagement, Queens Museum of Art
  385. Rhem-Jackson, Deborah
    Director, College Readiness Programs, SUNY College at Old Westbury
  386. Rhodes, Anne
    Cornell Cooperative Extension
  387. Rickards, Cyndi
    Assistant Teaching Professor of Criminal Justice, Drexel University
  388. Robinson, Victoria
    Director, The American Cultures Center Program, University of California, Berkeley
  389. Rocha, Nancy
    Bonner Community Scholar, Macalester College
  390. Rodriguez-Farrar, Hanna
    Senior Assistant to the President, Dominican University
  391. Rosenberg, Roberta
    Professor of English, Christopher Newport University
  392. Rosenthal, Ann
    Executive Director and Producer, MAPP International Productions
  393. Ross, Janice
    Director of the Dance Division and Professor, Drama Department, Stanford University
  394. Rubino, Cecilia
    Coordinator of the Theater Program, Lang College, The New School, The New School
  395. Ruggiero, Diana
    Assistant Professor of Spanish, The University of Memphis
  396. Ruiz, Alexandra
    Founder and Executive Director, Immigration Advocacy Matters
  397. Ruiz, Laura
    Founder/Vice President, Immigration Advocacy Matters
  398. Salazar-Porzio, Margaret
    Associate Research Scholar, Center for Institutional and Social Change, Columbia University
  399. Saltmarsh, John
    Co-Director, New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE)
  400. Sanchez, George
    Vice Dean for Diversity and Strategic Initiatives, University of Southern California
  401. Schadewald, Paul
    Associate Director Civic Engagement Center, Macalester College
  402. Schmidt, Katherine
    Post-baccalaureate Fellow of Civic Engagement and Social Justice, Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
  403. Schonbek, Amelia
    Journalist, New York University
  404. Searle, Kyla
    Graduate Student, New York University
  405. Seeman, Erik
    Director, Humanities Institute, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  406. Selim, Lila
    New York University
  407. Sells, Marcia
    Associate Dean of the School of the Arts and Associate Vice President, Office of Government and Community Affairs, Columbia University
  408. Sen, Arijit
    Associate Professor, Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  409. Serrano, Henry
    Senior Organizer and Voter Engagement Project Coordinator, Community Voices Heard
  410. Shaffer, Timothy
    Ph.D. Candidate and Research Associate, Cornell University, Kettering Foundation
  411. Shook, Jennifer
    2012–13 PAGE Fellow, University of Iowa
  412. Shure, Natalie
    New York University
  413. Siegel, Samantha
    Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership and Service, Wagner College
  414. Smith, Antonia
    Teachers College, Columbia University
  415. Smith, Blair Ebony
    Ph.D. Student, Cultural Foundations of Education, Syracuse University
  416. Smyth, Lauren
    Student, St. John's University
  417. Socha, Molly
    Graduate Student, New York University
  418. Somchanhmavong, Amy
    Associate Director, Service-Learning, Public Service Center, Cornell University
  419. Somchanhmavong, Sivilay
    Ph.D Student, Higher Education, Syracuse University
  420. Sondag, Lynn
    Chair, Department of Art, Art History, and Design, Dominican University of California
  421. Sousanis, Nick
    Senior PAGE Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University
  422. Squires, Emily
    Independent Artist
  423. Stempel, Laura
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  424. Stickler, Christine
    Director, The Pipeline Project, University of Washington
  425. Stoker, Amy
    Student, Photography and Imaging, Tisch School or the Arts, New York University
  426. Stoltzfus, Rebecca
    Provost's Fellow for Public Engagement, Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research, Cornell University
  427. Stults, Karen
    Director of Community Engagement, Maryland Institute Colleg of Art
  428. Sturm, Susan
    Professor and Director, Center for Institutional and Social Change, Columbia University Law School
  429. Suh, Sharon
    Seattle University
  430. Sukhram, Diana
    Assistant Professor and Chair of the Exceptional Education and Learning Department, State University of New York College at Old Westbury
  431. Suter, John
    President, Board of Directors, Center for Transformative Action
  432. Swan, Martha
    Executive Director, John Brown Lives!
  433. Sweatman, Maureen
    Director of Operations, Emory University Center for Community Partnerships
  434. Szylvian, Kristin
    Associate Professor, St. John's University
  435. Taggart, Cynthia
    Professor of Music Education, Michigan State University
  436. Tanenbaum, Susie
    Special Assistant on Immigrant and Inter-cultural Affairs, Queens Borough President's Office
  437. Tarallo, Donald
    Assistant Professor of Art and Presidential Fellow, Bridgewater State University
  438. Taylor, David
    Associate Professor, Niagara University
  439. Taylor, Johanna
    2012–13 PAGE Fellow, Public and Urban Policy, The New School
  440. Taylor, Willa
    Director, Education and Community Engagement, Goodman Theatre
  441. Tchen, John Kuo Wei
    New York University and the Museum of Chinese in America
  442. Thomas, Chippewa
    Director of Faculty Engagement and Associate Professor, Counselor Education Programs, Auburn University
  443. Thomas, Leah
    New York University
  444. Tierney, Meghan
    2012–13 PAGE Fellow, Center for Community Partnerships, Emory University
  445. Tomasetti, Lianne
    Gallatin M.A. Student, New York University
  446. Torres, Allison
    Program Coordinator, College Directions, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
  447. Torres, Edwin
    Associate Director, The Rockefeller Foundation
  448. Towns, Stephen
    Program Assistant, Office of Community Engagement, Maryland Institute College of Art
  449. Tucker, Daniel
    2012 –13 PAGE Fellow, University of Illinois at Chicago
  450. Turenne, Ella
    Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, Occidental College
  451. Turner, Keisha
    BOLD Facilitator (Builders, Organizers, and Leaders through Dance), Urban Bush Women
  452. Unruh, Holly
    Associate Director, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara
  453. Upton, Heidi
    Assistant Professor, St. John's University
  454. Valdez, Roberta
    Associate Director, Service Learning Institute, California State University, Monterey Bay
  455. Valenzuela, Luis
    Executive Director, Long Island Immigrant Alliance
  456. Valk, Anne
    Center for Public Humanities, Brown University
  457. Van der Ryn, Julia
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director, Service Learning, Dominican University of California
  458. Vashaw, Amy
    Audience and Program Development Director, Center for the Performing Arts, Penn State University
  459. Venkataraman, Anusha
    Green Light District Acting Director, El Puente
  460. Vignes, Danielle
    Instructor, Baton Rouge Community College
  461. Vu, Ngoc-Tran
    New York University
  462. Vu, Tien Kinh "TK"
    2011–12 PAGE Fellow, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  463. Waalkes, Ruth
    Executive Director, Center for the Arts, Virginia Tech
  464. Wait, Chelsea
    Doctoral Student, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  465. Wakefield, Jamara
    The New School
  466. Wakisi, Naliaka
    Site Director, Young People's Project
  467. Wald, Sarah
    Assistant Professor of English and Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Drew University
  468. Waldroupe, Amanda
    Freelance Journalist, New York University
  469. Walmsley, Natalie
    Tisch School of Arts, New York University
  470. Wang, Xintong
    New York University
  471. Wasescha, Anna
    President, Middlesex Community College
  472. Weidman, Bette
    Associate Professor, Department of English, Queens College of CUNY
  473. Weintraub, Linda
    Author and Director, Artnow Publications
  474. Weintrob, Lori
    Associate Professor of History, Wagner College
  475. Weisman, Eleanor
    Associate Professor, Dance and Movement Studies, Allegheny College
  476. Wendland, Kristin
    Senior Lecturer, Emory Univeristy
  477. Werbe, Elizabeth
    Associate Director, Arts of Citizenship, University of Michigan
  478. Whang, Vanessa
    Director of Programs, Cal Humanities
  479. White, Bobby
    Instructional Designer/Technologist, University of California, Berkeley
  480. White, Fatimah
    Art Educator, The African-Atlantic Genealogical Society, Inc.
  481. Williams, Kioka
    Artist Researcher, Bed-Stuy Community Quilt Project / The New School
  482. Winet, Jon
    Director, Digital Studio for the Public Humanities, The University of Iowa
  483. Winner, Lucy
    Professor, SUNY/Empire State College
  484. Wise, Olivia
    Student, The New School
  485. Woerner, Aaron
    Graduate Student, Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism, New York University
  486. Wong, Ryan
    Assistant Curator, Museum of Chinese in America
  487. Woodson, Stephani Etheridge
    Associate Professor, Arizona State University, Herberger Institute
  488. Worrall, Laurie
    Executive Director, New York Campus Compact
  489. Woywod, Christine
    Assistant Professor of Art Education, Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  490. Wright, Glenn
    Director, Graduate School Programs, Syracuse University
  491. Xiang, Fan
    Assistant Professor, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
  492. Yasuda, Kim
    Professor of Art, CoDirector, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts
  493. Zierer, Laurie
    Interim Director, Pennsylvania Humanities Council