1. Kahlief Adams
    Host, Spawn on Me Podcast
  2. Ryan Black
    Partner and Co-Chair of Information Technology, McMillan LLP
  3. Akio Oofuji
    Marketing Manager, Square Enix Japan
  4. Jake Solomon
    Creative Director, XCOM 2
  5. Greg Foertsch
    Art Director, XCOM 2
  6. Dave McDonough
    Co-Lead Designer, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth
  7. Will Miller
    Co-Lead Designer, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth
  8. Zelda Williams
    Voice Actor
  9. Karoliina Korppoo
    Lead Designer, City Skylines, Colossal Order
  10. John "TotallyMoo" Rickne
    Community Manager, Paradox Interactive
  11. Matt Peake
    Producer/Editor, Rooster Teeth
  12. Bill Munk
    Creative Director, Tripwire Interactive
  13. David Hensley
    Art Director, Tripwire Interactive
  14. Charles Porter
    MAQ Consulting at Microsoft Release Manager on Project Spark
  15. Michael LeSauvage
    Writer, GeekDad.com
  16. Richard Rouse III
    Director/Designer/Writer, Paranoid Productions
  17. 30 All-Star Game Developers / Press / People Who Should Know Better
  18. 7bit Hero
  19. Aaron Oak
    Ship's Counselor, Indie MEGABOOTH
  20. Aaron Trites
    World Class Thumb Wrestler
  21. Abdallah Elayan
    Abdallah Nation, Entertainer
  22. Adam Brennecke
    Lead Programmer, Obsidian Entertainment
  23. Adam Davis
    Founder/Lead Facilitator, Wheelhouse Workshop LLC
  24. Adam Heine
    Design Lead, inXile Entertainment
  25. Adam Johns
    Founder/Lead Facilitator, Wheelhouse Workshop LLC
  26. Adam Koebel
    Streamer / Game Designer, Roll20
  27. Adam Kovic
    Executive Producer, Rooster Teeth
  28. Aevee Bee
    -, -
  29. Aimi Tokutake
    Translator, Square Enix
  30. Aina Braxton
    Assistant Director, Digital Future Lab
  31. AJ Glasser
    Developer Relations, Games, Facebook
  32. A.J. Mazur
    Social Media Manager, Humble Bundle
  33. Akash Thakkar
    Composer / Sound Designer
  34. Alanna Cervenak
    Veteran Cosplayer, StarDustShadow Cosplay
  35. Alan Wilson
    Vice President, Tripwire Interactive
  36. Alexa Ray Corriea
    Editor, GameSpot
  37. Alex Leary
    Senior Producer / Live Operations, Pokemon, Inc.
  38. Alex Mendez (aka GoldenboyFTW)
    Host/Commentator,, Twitch
  39. Alex Navarro
    East Coast Editor, Giant Bomb
  40. Alyssa Menes
    Composer / Sound Designer
  41. Amanda End
    Podcast Host, Bitch Team Alpha
  42. Amanda Erickson
    Community Manager, SMITE Xbox
  43. Amber Cook
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Looney Labs
  44. ... and more!
  45. Andrea Rene
    Host, GameStop TV
  46. Andrew Augistin
    Game Developer, Notion Games
  47. Andrew Groen
    Author, Empires of Eve: A History of the Great Wars of Eve Online
  48. Andrew Miller, MAT
    Educational Consultant, www.andrewkmiller.com
  49. Andrew Reistroffer
    Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Seattle
  50. Andrew Sullivan
    Editor in Chief, Disconnected Gamers Podcast
  51. Anna Prosser Robinson
    Streamer / Show Host, Misscliks
  52. Anna Vagin, PhD
    Speech/Language Pathologist, Private Practice
  53. Anne Toole
    Writer, The Write Toole
  54. Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda
    Writer / Designer, DoubleBear Productions
  55. Anthony Carboni
    Host / EP, We Have Concerns
  56. Antoine Routon
    Lead Engineer, Square Enix Montreal
  57. Aphmau
  58. Arian 'Crimson Blur' Fathieh
    Smash Bros. Partnerships Lead, Twitch
  59. Ash Sevilla
    Community Manager, n-Space
  60. Asia al-Massari
    YouTuber, Freelance Journalist
  61. Atsushi Inaba
    Executive Producer
  62. Aureylian
  63. Austin Hargrave
    PeanutButterGamer, Maker Studios
  64. Austin Walker
    News Editor, Giant Bomb
  65. Barbara Dunkelman
  66. Becky Taylor
    Marketing Director, 3D Realms
  67. Ben Britten
    Technical Director, Mighty Games
  68. Ben Cassell
    CohhCarnage, Twitch
  69. Ben Judd
  70. Ben Judd
  71. Ben Mandall
    Veteran GM, The Art of the Table
  72. Ben Robbins
    Game Designer, Lame Mage Productions
  73. Bex Bradley
    Lead Software Developer, Microsoft
  74. Bijhan Valibeigi
    Supreme Commander, Time Wars
  75. Bit Brigade
  76. Bobby Stein
    Lead Writer, ArenaNet
  77. Bob Stewart
    Modaholic, BS Mods
  78. Brad Shoemaker
    Anime Editor, Giant Bomb
  79. Brander 'Badger' Roulette
    Test Manager, Big Fish Games
  80. Brandon Adler
    Producer, Obsidian Entertainment
  81. Brandon Coleman
    Member, Portland Arcade Collectors
  82. Brandon Rym DeCoster
    Producer, GeekNights
  83. Brandon Stroede
    Moderator, Metaverse Mod Squad
  84. Brendan 'Beej' Dery
    Dubfighter, Synaptic Chaos Theatre
  85. Brian Altano
    Host, IGN
  86. Brian Fitzsimmons
    Member, Portland Arcade Collectors
  87. Brian Morris
    Master Builder, Zak Labs
  88. Brian Provinciano
    Indie Game Developer, Vblank
  89. Brian Reilly
    Associate Producer, Rooster Teeth
  90. Brian Trunk
    Brand Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  91. Brittanie Boe
    Marketing Communications Specialist, GTS Distribution
  92. Brittany Aubert
    Producer, DropForge Games
  93. Brittney Brombacher
    Video Game Blogger, BlondeNerd.com
  94. Brooke Krolick
    Teacher, The Bush School
  95. Brooks Brown
    VP of Digital Development, Lightstorm Entertainment
  96. Bruce Greene
    Executive Producer, Rooster Teeth
  97. Bryanna Lindsey
    FX Artist, Volition
  98. Bryan Shannon
    Prominent Modder
  99. Burnie Burns
  100. Calvin 'GimR' Lofton
    Owner and Streamer, VGBootcamp
  101. Calvin Theobald
    Producer / Director, Psycho Crusher Productions
  102. CaptainSparklez
  103. Captain Sparklez
  104. Carlos Eiene
    YouTuber, InsaneInTheRainMusic
  105. Carrie Bland
    Community Director, PMS Clan
  106. Caspian Priebe
    Concept Artist
  107. Catherine Fox
    Student, USC Games
  108. Cat Rambo
    Author, http://www.kittywumpus.net/blog/
  109. Catt Small
    Founder / Instructor, The Code Liberation Foundation
  110. Chad (OMGChad)
  111. MasaeAnela
    Technical Support, The Runaway Guys
  112. Charlie 'Gentleman Dingo' Falcone
    Moderator and Maker, Magic Leap
  113. Chase Straight
    Community Developer, Ubisoft
  114. Chris 'AlphaZealot' Brown
    Video Game Tournament Planner, The Pokemon Company International
  115. Chris Avellone
  116. Chris Baker
    Senior PR and Social Media Manager, Gazillion, Inc.
  117. Chris Chamberlain
    Senior Producer, Microsoft
  118. Chris Hecker
    Indie Game Developer, SpyParty
  119. Chris Kluwe
    Author, https://twitter.com/chriswarcraft
  120. Chris Knadler
    Developer, Amazon
  121. Chris Kohler
    Editor, Wired
  122. Chris Perkins
    Principal Designer for Dungeons and Dragons, Wizards of the Coast
  123. Chris Proctor
    Systems Designer (Characters), 343 Industries
  124. Christian Ost
  125. Christian Spicer
    Co-Host, DLC
  126. Christopher Floyd
    First Officer, Indie MEGABOOTH
  127. Chris Wright
    CEO / Founder, Hangry Studios
  128. Clara Drew
    Head Designer: MegaBeth / The King Hereafter, MegaGame Society
  129. Colin Horgan
    Alumnus, USC Games
  130. Colin Johanson
    Game Director, ArenaNet
  131. Colin Moriarty
    Pride of Long Island, KindaFunny.com
  132. Colin Sullivan
    Gaming Ambassador, Patreon
  133. Commander Holly
  134. Cora Walker
    QA Lead, Digital Future Lab
  135. Coriander Dickinson
    Videographer, latenightdubfight.com
  136. Craig Duguay
    TheAggroCraig, PinnyPals
  137. Cricken
  138. Cristin McHale
    Home-Care Aid / Member SEIU 775
  139. Cris Velasco
    Composer, http://www.monarchaudio.com
  140. Crystal Frasier
    Developer, Paizo
  141. Curtis Arnott
    Writer / Manager, Team Four Star
  142. Daemon Hatfield
    Host, IGN
  143. Damian Hess
    Nerdcore MC, MC Frontalot
  144. Dan Amrich
    Community Developer, Ubisoft
  145. Daniel Dranove
    Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity
  146. Daniel Floyd
  147. Daniel H. Wilson
    Author, Iron Cloud Entertainment
  148. Danielle Harper
    Designer, Freelance
  149. Danielle Vraney
    Danielle Vraney (Anxiety support) - Necessary for Panel Success), PBG
  150. Daniel Lingen
    Sr. Conversation Manager, Electronic Arts
  151. Daniel Lutz
    Game Director, Square Enix Montreal
  152. Dan Jones
  153. Dan Moore
  154. Dan Ryckert
    Senior Editor, Giant Bomb
  155. Dan Tabar
    Founder, Data Realms
  156. Dan Tudge
  157. Dave Freeman
    Partner / Producer, Ninja Division
  158. Dave Roberts
    Staff Writer, GamesRadar+
  159. Dave Schwimmer
    Program Manager, Pokemon
  160. Dave Voyles
    Senior Tech Evangelist, Microsoft
  161. David Adams
    President, Gunfire Games
  162. David Brevik
    CEO, Gazillion, Inc.
  163. David Condolora
    Developer, Brain and Brain
  164. David Erick Ramos
    YouTuber, Docjazz4 Music
  165. David Osit
    Director / Producer, Kinematic Films LLC
  166. David Pinsof
    Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity
  167. Derek Brinkmann
    Lead Designer, Citadel Studios
  168. Derrick Acosta
  169. Django Wexler
    Author, http://djangowexler.com/
  170. Doanna Neville
    Artist / Designer / Developer, NDromeda
  171. Dodger
  172. Drew Scanlon
    Producer, Giant Bomb
  173. Dr. Mark Kline
    Co-Founder, Take This
  174. D'Ron A. Maingrette
    Live Stream Commentator, Apex Tournament Series
  175. D'Ron 'D1' Maingrette
    Smash Bros. Strategic Partnerships Specialist, Twitch
  176. Dru Staltman
    Developer, Bootsnake Games / Undead Labs
  177. Elayne Wylie
    Media Producer / Film Maker
  178. Eli Halpern
    Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity
  179. Elijah Smolko
    Localization Specialist, Square Enix
  180. Elisa Teague
    Game Designer, Lone Shark Games
  181. Elliott White
    Project Manager, Digital Future Lab
  182. E. Meyer Flowers
  183. E. Meyer Flowers
    Media Producer and Film Maker
  184. Emiliano Rosales
    Commentator, The Runaway Guys
  185. Emily Compton
    3D Animator, What Pumpkin
  186. Emily Reese
  187. Emily Reese
    Award-winning radio host and producer, http://www.joon-media.com
  188. Emma Zwirko
    Social Manager, PMS Clan
  189. Emmett Scout
    Design Lead, Digital Future Lab
  190. Eric Baudour
  191. Eric Chon
    Chief of Security, Indie MEGABOOTH
  192. Eric Jones
    Master Builder, Coregeek Cosplay and Creations
  193. Eric Pope
    Infamous Lucha Libre Superstar
  194. Erik Mona
    Publisher, Paizo
  195. Erin 'Aureylian'
    Lead Community Manager, Twitch
  196. Erin (Aureylian)
  197. Erin Eberhardt
    Senior Project Manager, Gaikai / Sony Computer Entertainment
  198. Erin Jones
    Candidate for Washington State Superintendent, Erinjones2016.org
  199. Evan Jacover
    VP of Engineering, Jackbox Games, Inc.
  200. Evan Yanagida
    Guitarist/YouTuber, EvanFingerstyle
  201. FamilyJules7x
    YouTuber, FamilyJules7x
  202. Felicia Day
  203. Frank Kurtz
    Discount Stan Lee
  204. Fred Wan
    Assistant Story Lead, Legend of the Five Rings
  205. Freezepop
  206. Gabe
  207. Gaby Weilding
    Developer, Lone Shark Games
  208. Game Grumps
  209. Gareth Coker
    Composer, http://www.gareth-coker.net
  210. Garnett Lee
    Guest, Amazon.com
  211. Garrett Hunter
  212. Gauguin
  213. Geoff Keighley
    Founder, Geoff Keighley
  214. Geoffrey Zatkin
    Founder, EEDAR
  215. Godfrey Harris
  216. Gorbrohol
  217. Gordon Bellamy
    Visiting Scholar, USC Games
  218. Gordon McGladdery
    Composer / Sound Designer, A Shell in the Pit Audio
  219. Graham Stark
    Dubfighter, LoadingReadyRun.com
  220. Grant Kirkhope
    Composer, http://grantkirkhope.com
  221. Greg Bilsland
    Digital Marketing Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  222. Greg Miller
    Loudmouth, KindaFunny.com
  223. Greg Tito
    Communications Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  224. Gus Sorola
  225. Hajime Tabata
    Director of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix
  226. Hannah Kane
    Project Manager, Digital Future Lab
  227. Harrison G. Pink
    Game Designer
  228. Hassan Alaw
    Mad Scientist, V1 Tech
  229. Heather McNabb
  230. Hideki Kamiya
    Game Director
  231. Hike
  232. Hilary Heskett Shapiro
    Senior Global Product Manager, EA/BioWare
  233. Holly Conrad
    YouTuber, Cosplayer, Birb
  234. Holly Longdale
    Executive Producer for EverQuest / EverQuest II, Daybreak Games
  235. Hunter Hughes
    Manager / Creator, Dookieshed
  236. Ian Horner
    Host, latenightdubfight.com
  237. Ian Stedman
    CEO, Magic Meeple Games
  238. Jack Pattillo
  239. Jack Sauder
    SkulShurtugalTCG, YouTube
  240. Jacob Pernell
  241. Jacqui Collins
    Project Manager, Take This, Inc.
  242. Jade Cheung
    Master Builder, Arctic Phoenix Studios
  243. Jakub Szmalek
    Senior Writer, CD PROJEKT RED
  244. James Costello
    Associate Game Producer, Big Fish Games
  245. James Green
    Co-Founder / Game Director, Carbon Games
  246. James Portnow
  247. James Portnow
    Writer, Extra Credits
  248. James Willems
    Producer, Rooster Teeth
  249. Jared Creasy
    Community Manager, Tripwire Interactive
  250. Jason Ganos
    Editor-In-Chief, Nintendo Inquirer
  251. Jason Graves
    Composer, http://www.jasongraves.com
  252. Jason (Guud)
  253. Jason Paul
    General Manager, Gaming, NVIDIA
  254. Jay Turner
  255. Jay Turner
    Principal Writer for Sword Coast Legends, n-Space
  256. Jeff Benson
    Filmmaker, UbseyMovies / Fangamer
  257. Jeff Cannata
    Host / EP, We Have Concerns
  258. Jeff Fasenfest
    Potato, The Art of the Table
  259. Jeff Gerstmann
    Nightmare Person, Giant Bomb
  260. Jeff Kalles
    Senior Sales / Marketing Manager, Penny Arcade
  261. Jeff Sorensen
    Nerdcore DJ / Event Coordinator, DJ Switch
  262. Jenn Bane
    Community Manager, Cards Against Humanity
  263. Jennell Jaquays
    Chief Creative Officer, Olde Skuul
  264. Jennifer Ash
    User Researcher, Bungie
  265. Jennifer Fairbanks
    Senior Tester, Big Fish Games
  266. Jennifer Holly
    Tournament Organizer, StreetPass Los Angeles
  267. Jennifer Laird
    Self-Advocate / Education Volunteer at Burke Musium
  268. Jenn Sandercock
    Game Designer / Founder, Inquisiment
  269. Jeremy Bort, MAT, NBCT
    Teacher, Federal Way Public Schools
  270. Jeremy Jarvis
    Senior Creative Art Director, Wizards of the Coast
  271. Jerry holkins
    Omin Dran
  272. Jessa Brezinski
    Product Manager, Harmonix
  273. Jesse Shepherd
    President / Designer: Watch the Skies, Seattle MegaGame Society
  274. Jess Floyd
    Chief Holodeck Engineer, Indie MEGABOOTH
  275. JoblessGamer
  276. Jo Burba
    Live Director for Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online Studios
  277. Joe Homes
    Editor, Paizo
  278. Joel Heyman
  279. Joel Rubin
    Programming Director, Rooster Teeth
  280. John Comes
    Design Director, Uber Entertainment
  281. John Gavin Polson
    Business Development, Humble Bundle
  282. John Harper
    Game Designer, One Seven Design
  283. John Joseph Adams
    Author, http://www.johnjosephadams.com/
  284. Johnny Spangler
    Teen Mentor, Consultant
  285. John Robert Matz
    Composer / Sound Designer, Voice Actor
  286. John Ryan
    Editor / Lore Keeper, Bungie
  287. John Williamson
    CEO, Wayward Sprites
  288. Jolie Menzel
    Level Designer, Ubisoft
  289. Jonathan Bergeron
    UX Researcher, NBCUniversal
  290. Jonathan Indovino
    Manager / Creator, ShadyPenguinn
  291. Jonathan Wheeler
    Host, The Runaway Guys
  292. Jon Haehnle
    Founder / Organizer, Mashfest, SonicBoomBox
  293. Jordan Barth
    Member, Portland Arcade Collectors
  294. Jordan Blackman
    Independent Game Designer
  295. Jordan Levinson
    Producer, Psycho Crusher Productions
  296. Jorge Albor
    Games Programming Manager, Wikia
  297. Josephine Fu
    Lead Game Producer, Date Nighto
  298. Josh Dillon
    Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity
  299. Josh Larson
    Developer of That Dragon, Cancer, Numinous Games
  300. Josh Sawyer
    Game Director, Obsidian Entertainment
  301. Joshua Halls
    Lead Designer, The Repopulation
  302. Joshua Neal, M.A., LMHCA
    Psychotherapist, Capitol Hill Therapy
  303. JP
    Streamer, RollPlay
  304. JP Kellams
    Creative Producer
  305. JP McDaniel
    itmeJP, Twitch
  306. Justin Shacklette
    Principal Data Scientist, Activision
  307. Justin Woodward
    Founder, Interabang Entertainment
  308. Kaitlyn Burnell
    Senior Programmer, Rockstar Games
  309. Kate Welch
    Designer, Amazon Game Studios
  310. Katey Houseman
    Podcast Host, Bitch Team Alpha
  311. Kathleen De Vere
    Content Creator, LoadingReadyRun
  312. Kathleen DeVere
    Bon Vivant, LoadingReadyRun
  313. Katie Williams
    -, -
  314. Katie Wilson
    Actor / Host, YouTube
  315. Katrin Auch
    Technician, Game Show Night
  316. Kaylin Norman-Slack
    Lead Game Designer, The Gaming Colts
  317. Keiji Inafune
  318. Kelly Digges
    Creative Designer, Wizards of the Coast
  319. Kelly Wallick
    Overlord, Indie MEGABOOTH
  320. Kelsey Lewin
    Manager, Pink Gorilla Games
  321. Kenny Ezeobele
    AntiRivet, Falconshield
  322. Kepa Auwae
    Owner, Rocketcat Games
  323. Ket Ng
    Bellman, The Gaming Colts
  324. Kevin Chang
    Head Technologist, MegaGame Society
  325. Kevin Darby
    Test Lead, Microsoft
  326. Kevin Wong
    Student, USC Games
  327. Kimberly Kreines
    Creative Designer, Wizards of the Coast
  328. Kim Swift
    Senior Game Designer, Amazon Game Studio
  329. Kirk Hamilton
    Features Editor, Kotaku
  330. Kitty Plays
    Creator, Kitty Plays Games
  331. Koji Igarashi
  332. Kris Straub
    Dubfighter, chainsawsuit.com
  333. Kristina Horner
    Community Coordinator, Microsoft
  334. Kyle Orland
    Senior Gaming Editor, Ars Technica
  335. Lacey Leavitt
    Executive Producer, Automata
  336. Lauren Liebowitz
    Founder, The Returners (VGM Band)
  337. Lauren Musni
    Creative Director, Nintendo Inquirer
  338. Lauren White
    Design Researcher, Microsoft
  339. Lawrence Sonntag
    Producer, Rooster Teeth
  340. Leah Miller
    Writer / Content Designer, Independent
  341. Les Banks
  342. Lily Williamson
    Artist, Wayward Sprites
  343. Linda Carlson
    Director of Community Relations, Trion Worlds
  344. Lindsay Aries
    Special FX Cosplayer, Leeleethebunny Cosplay
  345. Lindsey Rostal
    VP / Producer, The Odd Gentlemen
  346. LordMinion777
  347. Loren Roznai
    Director of Customer Service / Event Coordinator, Mayfair Games
  348. Ludwig Kietzmann
    U.S. Editor in Chief, GamesRadar+
  349. Luke Crane
    Community Manager for Games, Kickstarter
  350. Major Nelson
  351. Malika Zouhali-Worrall
    Director / Producer, Kinematic Films LLC
  352. Malik Forte
    Games Editor, CrewHam / Nerdist
  353. Marc ten Bosch
    Indie Game Developer, Miegakure
  354. Marcus 'djWHEAT Graham
    Director of Programming, Twitch
  355. Mark Barlet
    Founder, AbleGamers Foundation
  356. Mark Chan
    Ocarinist, Mark Chan Music
  357. Markiplier
  358. Markiplier and maybe more!
  359. Mark Winters
    Art Director, Wizards of the Coast
  360. Marty Sliva
    Senior Editor, IGN
  361. Mary Gole
    Marketing, Psycho Crusher Productions
  362. Mary Kish
    Producer, GameSpot
  363. Mary Mann
    Master Builder
  364. Marziah Karch
    Writer, GeekMom.com
  365. Masayoshi Soken
    Sound Director, Square Enix
  366. Mat Kishimoto
    Brand Manager, Square Enix
  367. Mat Staltman
    Developer, Bootsnake Games
  368. Matt Dahlgren
    Associate Director, Brand Marketing and eSports, Capcom
  369. Matthew Baldwin
    Internet Board Game Guru, Seattle Gamenight
  370. Matthew Marteinsson
    Audio Department / Voice Actor, Klei Entertainment
  371. Matthew Mercer
    Streamer / Voice Actor, Critical Role
  372. Matt Hilton
    MC, Square Enix
  373. Matt Korba
    Founder, The Odd Gentlemen
  374. Matt Krol
    Senior Producer, MTV2 Guy Code
  375. Matt (Sevadus)
  376. Max Krchmar
    Super Smash Bros. Tournament Director, Hitbox Arena
  377. Max Palazzo
    Alumnus, USC Games
  378. Max Scoville
    Host, IGN
  379. Max Temkin
    Game Designer, Cards Against Humanity
  380. May Westerback
    MayWest, PinnyPals
  381. MC Frontalot
  382. Megan Spurr
    Managing Editor, Dorkadia.com
  383. Mia Gipson
    Goddess, MIA Games
  384. Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
    Localization Lead, Square Enix
  385. Michael Coe
    President, Gamelyn Games
  386. Michael Effenberger
    Alumnus, USC Games
  387. Michael Robles
    Dubfighter, Microsoft
  388. Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows
    Creative Director, Gorgeous Robot
  389. Mike Futter
    News Editor, Game Informer
  390. Mike Krahulik
    Jim Darkmagic
  391. Mike Laidlaw
    Creative Director, BioWare
  392. Mike Mearls
    Senior Manager / D and D / R and D, Wizards of the Coast
  393. Mike Mika
    Head of Development, Other Ocean Interactive
  394. Mike O'Brien
    President, ArenaNet
  395. Mike Robles
    Producer, Microsoft
  396. Mike Schmitt
    Sr. Marketing Manager, Tripwire Interactive
  397. Mike Selinker
  398. Mike Selinker
    President, Lone Shark Games
  399. Mikey Neumann
    Chief Creative Champion, Gearbox
  400. Min-Lang Tan
    Chief Gamer and CEO, Razer
  401. Mitch Dyer
    Editor, IGN
  402. Mitch Gitelman
    Co-Founder / Studio Manager, Harebrained Schemes
  403. Mollie L. Patterson
    Executive Editor, EGM Media
  404. Morgan Lockheart
    Narrative Designer, 343 Industries
  405. Muyskerm
  406. Natalie Kipper
    Chief Content Editor, StreetPass Los Angeles
  407. Nathan Hatfield
    Creative Manager, Gamelyn Games
  408. Nathan Smith
    Manager / Creator, NateWantsToBattle
  409. Naveen Nattam
    Gameplay Programmer, Twisted Pixel
  410. Nicholas Oehlberg
    Co-Founder, StreetPass Princeton
  411. Nicki Taylor
    Nicki Taylor, Falconshield
  412. Nick Scarpino
    Producer/Seducer, KindaFunny.com
  413. Nik Davidson
    Design Architect, Wizards of the Coast
  414. Noam Strassfeld
    President / Head Designer: Watch the Skies, MegaGame Society
  415. Octopimp
  416. Omar Abdelwahed
    Founder, Agent Disco
  417. Paola Alejandra
    CEO / Founder, www.pancakepow.com
  418. Pari Karch
    Daughter, GeekMom.com
  419. PA Staff
  420. Pat Baer
    Performer, UCB Theatre
  421. Patricia Stedman
    CFO, Magic Meeple Games
  422. Patrick Mulhern
    EIC, Lorehound
  423. Patrick Rothfuss
    Author, Patrick Rothfuss Industries Worldwide Ltd
  424. Paul Barclay
    CEO, Dragon Foundry
  425. PeanutButter Gamer
  426. people
  427. Pete Hines
    VP Marketing and PR, Bethesda
  428. Pete Mills
    Congressional Aide
  429. Peter Jones
    PedroAsani, PinnyPals
  430. Phil Bacon
    Writer, GeekDad.com
  431. Preston Playz
  432. Qais Fulton
    Writer and Narrative Designer, Freelance
  433. RaeRae Sachs
    Unicorn, Time Wars
  434. Rami Ismail
    Game Developer, Vlambeer
  435. Raphael van Lierop
    Founder / Creative Director, Hinterland Games
  436. Raph Koster
    Virtual Community Expert/Author, Altered Tuning, LLC
  437. Rebecca Heineman
    Founder, Olde Skuul
  438. Red Charyszyn
    VFX Editor, Sikelia Productions
  439. Reese Dressler
    Technical Support, the Runaway Guys
  440. Richard 'Darthbeavis' Surroz
    G33k, Nerdy Ninjas
  441. Richard James Cook
    Game Developer, Filmmaker, Gamestar Arts / Devolver Digital
  442. Richard Weil
    SVP / Global Operations, Metaverse Mod Squad
  443. Richie Branson
    Nerdcore Producer / MC / Game Developer, Trillicon Software
  444. Rich Weil
    SVP / Global Operations, Metaverse Mod Squad
  445. Riley Gryc
    Juicesir, PinnyPals
  446. Robbie Benson
    Filmmaker, UbseyMovies
  447. Rob Miller
    Rawb09, Falconshield
  448. Rob Simmons
    Veteran Cosplayer, Robtachi Kosplaywerks
  449. Rocco Botte
  450. Rowan Kaiser
    -, -
  451. Russ Pitts
    Executive Director, Take This
  452. Ryan Burrell
    Chief Science Officer, Indie MEGABOOTH
  453. Ryan Clark
    Founder / Designer, Brace Yourself Games
  454. Ryan Dancey
    CEO, Goblinworks
  455. Ryan Green
    Developer of That Dragon, Cancer, Numinous Games
  456. Ryan Hiller
    Writer, GeekDad.com
  457. Ryan Ike
  458. Ryan Jamaal Davis
    Nerdcore MC and Producer, KadeshFlow
  459. Ryan Musselman
  460. Ryan Wells
    Master Builder
  461. Rydia Q Vielehr
    Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston
  462. Sage LaTorra
    Game Designer, Sage Kobold
  463. Samit Sarkar
    Senior Reporter, Polygon
  464. Sam Prell
    News Editor, GamesRadar+
  465. Sarah James
    Writer, GeekMom.com
  466. Sarah Schachner
    Composer, http://www.sarahschachner.com
  467. Sara Ventura
    Seattle Chapter Founder, Geek Girl Brunch
  468. Scott Crisostomo
    Game Design Manager, Ubisoft
  469. Scott DeWitt
  470. Scott Hartsman
    CEO, Trion Worlds
  471. Scott Kurtz
    Cartoonist, PVP
  472. Scott Rubin
    Host, GeekNights
  473. Sean Baptiste
    Product Marketing Manager, Adult Swim
  474. Sean M. Sullivan
    Cosplayer / Customizer, Sean M. Sullivan
  475. Sean Poole
    Producer, Rooster Teeth
  476. Sebastian Wolff
    Co-founder, Loudr
  477. Seth (Sethbling)
  478. Seven DeBord
    Founder, IndieHangover / RaidWarning / AppJunkies
  479. Shams Jorjani
    VP of Acquisition / Portfolio Strategy, Paradox Interactive
  480. Shane DeFreest
    Marketing Director, Obsidian Entertainment
  481. Shannon Houghton, NBCT
    Teacher, Federal Way Public Schools
  482. Shawn Alexander Allen
    Game Designer, Nuchallenger
  483. Shawn Chatfield
  484. Shiboo Krismer Blalack
    Nerdcore MC, Shubzilla
  485. Simone de Rochefort
    On-Camera Host / Video Producer, Pixelkin
  486. Sonny Williams
    SonnyPsydup, The Yordles
  487. Spencer Bowman
    Student, Thomas Jefferson High School
  488. Spencer Stirling
    Senior Data Scientist, Activision
  489. Stacey Weber, M.A., LMHCA
    Psychotherapist, Face the Sea
  490. Stanley Westerback
    Picmin, PinnyPals
  491. Stephanie Bayer
    Community Manager, Disney Interactive
  492. Stephanie Chang
    PR Manager, Square Enix
  493. Steve Emberton
    Game Designer, Bohemia Interactive Simulations
  494. Steve Heinrich
    Editorial Director, Jackbox Games, Inc.
  495. Steven Perry
    Nerdcore MC, Death*Star
  496. Susan Arendt
    Managing Editor, GamesRadar+
  497. Swen Vincke
    Creative Director, Larian Studios
  498. Takuya Aizu
  499. Takuya Aizu
    Inti Creates
  500. Tanya Short
    Co-Founder / Designer, Kitfox Games
  501. Tarn Adams
    Co-Founder, Bay 12 Games
  502. TeamEpifany
  503. Telltale Staff
  504. The Creatures
  505. Theochilus
  506. The Protomen
  507. The Returners
  508. Thierry Doizon
    Art Director, Square Enix Montreal
  509. Thomas Dahlberg
    Associate Producer, Tripwire Interactive
  510. Thomas O'Connor
    VP, PlayEveryWare
  511. Tifa Robles
    Founder / Organizer, Lady Planeswalkers Society
  512. Tim Foley
    President, Chicago MegaGame Society
  513. Tim Gettys
    Pure One, KindaFunny.com
  514. Timothy Bishop
    Commentator, The Runaway Guys
  515. Tim Rogers
    Founder, Action Button Entertainment
  516. Tim Schwalk
    Design Director, n-Space
  517. Toiya Kristen Finley
    Writer, Independent
  518. Tom Abernathy
    Senior Writer (Contract), Massive Entertainment
  519. Tom Dyke
    Moderator, Cards Against Humanity
  520. Tom Lorusso
    Senior Design Research Lead, Microsoft
  521. Tom Peterson
    Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA
  522. Tom Swanson
    Design / Implementation, foundry10
  523. Tom Twedell
    Frostbyte, PinnyPals
  524. Travis Currit
    Translator, CD PROJEKT RED
  525. Trevor Kidd
    D and D Associate Brand Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  526. Trey Swartz
    Gaming Business Development Director, Design By Humans
  527. Troy Hewitt
    Head of Communications, Motiga Inc.
  528. Tycho
  529. Tyler Coleman
    Game Developer / Producer, Retora Game Studios
  530. Tyler R Black, MD, FRCPC
    Medical Director / CAPE Unit, BC Children's Hospital
  531. Tyler Sigman
    Co-Founder / Designer, Red Hook Games
  532. Tyler (Zisteau)
  533. TypicalGamer
  534. Tyranchurra
  535. Van Alan
    Writer / Director, Automata
  536. Victoria King
    Lead Artist, Vitrium LLC
  537. Vinny Caravella
    Executive Producer, Giant Bomb
  538. Vlad Micu
    Business Development Manager, Data Realms
  539. Warren Price
    Senior Game Designer, Ubisoft
  540. William James
    Writer, GeekDad.com
  541. William Murphy
    Managing Editor, MMORPG.com
  542. Will Lumis
    Producer, Automata
  543. Xpertthief
  544. Yakaru Dezaki
    Lead / Senior Gameplay Engineer, Motiga
  545. Zach Adams
    Co-Founder, Bay 12 Games
  546. Zachary J Alexander
    -, -
  547. Zachary Zelinski
  548. Zach Barth
    Creative Director, Zachtronics
  549. Zeke
    Ezekiel_III, Twitch
  550. Graham Stark
  551. Kathleen De Vere
  552. James Turner
  553. Cameron Lauder
  554. Gabefluenza
  555. Tychomeosis
  556. Will Lummus
    Producer, Automata
  557. Tychobot
  558. Gabetron 5000
  559. Brad Wilcox
    VP of Player Experience, Daybreak Games
  560. Jen Nichol
    Community Strategist Lead, Microsoft Studios