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Wouter Keijser

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Wouter A. Keijser MD is an expert in (cultural) transition in healthcare organizations. After his medical education (Free University of Amsterdam medical school), Wouter established a 15+ years experience in healthcare quality and innovations across Europe. In his work as researcher at the University Twente, Wouter focuses on sustainable implementing methodologies and instruments in medical leadership and interdisciplinary teamwork. Wouter is (Europe's first) TeamSTEPPS™ master trainer and he works as certified Human Synergistics™ coach and NHS certified facilitator of the 'Leadership Framework'. Wouter is co-founder of the Dutch medical leadership competency framework (2015).
As an independent reviewer and auditor Wouter is active for (semi)governmental bodies, such as European Commission, Cyprus government and several Dutch organizations. Dr Keijser is a frequent author and presenter on healthcare quality and innovation.

Some characteristic quotes:
- 'Change is a science, a choice, and it MUST be measurable.'
- 'In my role as coach: I come and I will go.'
- 'Healthcare culture such as hierarchy can hurt: changing it hurts even more and oversensitivity to it kills patients.'
- 'A training session? No: this is also WORK.'
- 'Healthcare team members coach themselves and each other - continuously. And THAT's should be one of our most relevant objective during work'.