1. Peter Allen
  2. Nathan Anderson
    Executive Producer, Start VR
  3. Elias Anton
    Actor, Barracuda
  4. Andrew Arbuthnot
    Content Manager, SBS Outreach
  5. Sharon Atkinson
    Teacher, Film and Media
  6. Karina Aveyard
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney (Department of Media and Communications)
  7. Tony Ayres
    Showrunner, Writer and Director; Founder, Matchbox Pictures
  8. David Balfour
    Head of Learning and Teaching, Australian Film, Television and Radio School (​AFTRS)
  9. Sophie Bannister
    Teacher, Guildford Grammar School (WA)
  10. Ron Barassi
    Developer, Rubitron; Teacher, Distance Education Centre of Victoria
  11. Marc Barrett
    Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  12. Olympia Barron
    Assistant Librarian, Australian Film Institute (AFI) Research Collection
  13. Katie Barry
    Impact Producer, The BULLY Project
  14. Craig Batty
    Associate Professor of Screenwriting, RMIT University
  15. Philip Batty
    Senior Curator, Melbourne Museum; Co-Founder, Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
  16. Richard Bean
    Acting Chairman, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
  17. Paola Billborough
    Documentary Filmmaker
  18. Grant Brindal
    President, South Australian Association for Media Education Inc. (SAAME)
  19. Julian Burnside AO QC
    Lawyer, Author, Human Rights and Refugee Advocate
  20. Susan Bye
    Education Programmer, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
  21. Marc C-Scott
    Lecturer, Victoria University (Screen Media)
  22. John Cabrera
    Writer, Director, and Former Actor
  23. Jon Callow
    Co-ordinator, Masters of Teaching Program, University of Sydney
  24. Stu Campbell
    Author, Illustrator, and Interactive Designer
  25. Josh Caratelli
    Junior Programmer, Big Ant Studios
  26. Susan Chapman
    Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Performer
  27. Lucinda Clutterbuck
    Digital Immigrant, Animation Teacher, and Filmmaker
  28. Deb Cohen
    Lecturer, Australian Catholic University (ACU)
  29. Wendy Collins
    Teacher, St Ursula's College; District Review Panel Chairperson, Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority
  30. Stuart Cunningham AM
    Professor of Media and Communications, Queensland University of Technology
  31. Agot Dell
    Participant, Centre for Multicultural Youth's 'Shout Out' Program
  32. Guillaume Deront
    Online Partnership Manager, YouTube AUNZ
  33. Michael Dezuanni
    Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  34. Xanthe Dobbie
    New Media Artist
  35. Liz Doran
    Script Writer, Ready for This
  36. Brendan Duhigg
    Head of Drama, Trinity Grammar School Sydney; Deputy Chief Examiner, International Baccalaureate Organisation
  37. Roger Dunscombe
    Chairperson, Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Board
  38. Julie Eckersley
    The Family Law, Producer
  39. Ruari Elkington
    Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  40. Kerreen Ely-Harper
    Filmmaker and Screen Educator
  41. Stephen Gaunson
    Teacher, RMIT University (School of Media and Communication)
  42. Catherine Gillam
    Librarian, Australian Film Institute (AFI) Research Collection
  43. Jock Given
    Professor of Media & Communications, Swinburne University
  44. Jutta Goetze
    Screenwriter and Author
  45. Dan Golding
    Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology; Author
  46. Mitzi Goldman
    Documentary Director, Writer, Editor, and Producer.
  47. Ben Goldsmith
    Senior Lecturer, Sunshine Coast University
  48. Jeremy Guzman
    Artistic Director, Pop Culture; Head of Visual Arts, Marymede Catholic College
  49. Andrew Hagan
    Lecturer, Charles Sturt University; Co-Director, Australian International Animation Festival
  50. Bridget Hanna
    Education Deliverer, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
  51. Nicholas Hansen
    Researcher, Educator, and Documentary Producer
  52. Rebecca Harkins-Cross
    Film Editor, The Big Issue
  53. Laura Harris
    Creative Producer, Yijala Yala Project; National Producer, Big hART
  54. Louise Harvey
    3D Artist and Filmmaker
  55. Noni Hazlehurst AM
    Writer, Producer, Presenter, and Director
  56. Elizabeth Heck
    PhD. Candidate, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  57. Kathryn Hendy-Ekers
    Visual Arts Curriculum Manager, Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
  58. Donna Hensler
    Screen Production Coordinator, Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)
  59. Sam Higgs
    Teacher, Aquinas College
  60. Christopher Hills
    Owner, Switched-On Video Editing
  61. Fincina Hopgood
    Researcher, Human Rights and Animal Ethics (HRAE) research Network
  62. Duncan Imberger
    Co-founder, Suitcase Murphy; Co-founder, Deeper Richer
  63. Peter Ivan
  64. Rich Johnston
    Professional Sales Liaison, Ted's Cameras
  65. Tessa Jolls
    President and CEO, Center for Media Literacy; Director, Consortium for Media Literacy
  66. Mike Jones
    Author and Scripwriter
  67. Hester Joyce
    Co-Editor, Journal of Screenwriting
  68. Julie Kalceff
    Writer, Director, and Producer
  69. Anna Kamasz
    Digital Education Producer, Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF)
  70. Alex Kelly
    Filmmaker, Impact Producer
  71. Tim Kitchen
    Senior Education Specialist for Asia Pacific, Adobe
  72. Scott Knight
    Assistant Professor Film, Bond University
  73. Anna Kuch
    Teacher, Filmmaker, Video Editor
  74. Simon Lake
    Chief Executive, Screenrights
  75. Brett Lamb
    Teacher, East Doncaster Secondary College, and Author
  76. Benjamin Law
    Journalist, Columnist, and Screenwriter
  77. Rosie Lourde
    Actor and Producer
  78. Bethany Loveridge
    Teacher, Genesis Christian College (Queensland)
  79. Madeleine Madden
    Actor, Ready for This
  80. Vicki Madden
  81. Peter Maggs
    Head of Education, Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF)
  82. Gabiann Marin
    Lecturer, The Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS)
  83. Sue Maslin
    Adjunct Professor, RMIT University; Screen Producer
  84. Hugh Mason-Jones
    Teacher, Cheltenham Secondary College
  85. Peter Mattessi
    Television Drama Writer
  86. Tom McGann
    Educational Technologist, Unreal Engine Game Developer
  87. Aaron McGrath
    Actor, Ready for This
  88. Michael McIntyre
    Producer, Director, DOP, and Distributer.
  89. Margaret McVeigh
    Convenor of Screen Studies, Acting Head of Screenwriting, Griffith Film School
  90. Moneth Montemayor
    Learning and Teaching Team, Indooroopilly State High School.
  91. Rebecca Mostyn
    Manager of Research at Screen Australia
  92. Kim Munro
    Artist, Filmmaker, and Educator
  93. Yasmin Naghavi
    Creative Industries Law
  94. Alexandra Neill
    Project Officer, Heywire
  95. Dong Ningning
    Lecturer, Liaoning University, Shenyang
  96. Kieran Nolan
    Educational Technologist & eLearning Coordinator, Wooranna Park Primary School
  97. Tim Nolan
    Teacher, Ave Maria College
  98. Lisa Norris
    Little J & Big Cuz Initiative, ACER Foundation
  99. Annemaree O'Brien
    Lecturer, University of Melbourne
  100. Sean O'Keefe
    Filmmaker, Artist, and Co-author of Making Art Connections
  101. Jo O'Mara
    Associate Professor, Deakin University
  102. Eva Orner
  103. David Osit
    Film Director, Editor, and Composer
  104. Mark Poole
    Writer and Director
  105. Harry Postema
    Teacher and Curriculum Designer, Media Studies
  106. Angela Prior
    Producer, Big hART, Yijala Yala Project
  107. Molly Reynolds
    Screen-based Storytelling and Multiplatform Production
  108. Matthew Ricketson
    Academic and Journalist
  109. Zoë Rodriguez
    Cultural Fund Manager & Author Relations Manager, Copyright Agency Limited
  110. Simon Rogers
  111. Simon Rosenthal
    Head of VFX – Deluxe Asia Pacific
  112. Alexa Scarlata
    PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
  113. Aurora Scheelings
    Lecturer, Charles Sturt University; Independent Documentary Filmmaker
  114. Gef Senz
    Teacher, Editor, Writer, and Director
  115. Helen Simondson
    Head of Public and Education Programs, Australian Centre for the Moving Image
  116. Clara Simpson
    Teacher, director, editor and videographer
  117. Natalie Stewart
    Teacher, Methodist Ladies' College
  118. Curtis Taylor
    Martu film-maker, Archivist, and Artist
  119. Ian Thomas
    Teacher, Media Studies
  120. Vincent Trundle
    Digital Education Producer, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
  121. Christos Tsiolkas
    Playwright, Essayist, and Screenwriter
  122. Graeme Turner
    Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
  123. Neil Turner
    Manager of Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media
  124. David Selvarajah Vadiveloo
    Filmmaker, Human­ Rights Lawyer, and Educationalist
  125. Leena van Deventer
    Game Developer, Writer, and Educator
  126. Nic Velissaris
    Melbourne Storyteller
  127. Darrin Verhagen
    Audiokinetic Experiments Lab, RMIT University
  128. Ian Wedlock
    Teacher Training Manager
  129. Paul Wells
    Director of the Animation Academy, Loughborough University.
  130. Don Wettrick
    Innovation Coordinator, Noblesville High School
  131. Steve Weymouth
    Lecturer Animation & VFX
  132. Kathy Whelan
    Auhtor and Curriculum Designer
  133. Sally Whyte
    Journalist, Crikey
  134. Alison Wotherspoon
    Head of the Department of Screen and Media, Flinders University
  135. Anthony Young
    Head of English and Language, Braemar College
  136. Rob Young
    Executive Officer of the Education Committee, Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM)
  137. Yong Zhao
    Director, Institute for Global and Online Education, University of Oregon
  138. Malika Zouhali-Worrall
    Director, Producer, and Editor