2016 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute

2016 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute

The 2016 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute (2016 PPI) is intended to bring together postdoctoral investigators, advanced graduate students and early-career scientists who will soon be seeking their first independent positions. A key objective of the PPI 2016 is to provide insights about the various career pathways PhD-trained scientists may consider as they prepare to transition into independent careers in the biomedical research workforce. The broad landscape of career opportunities includes areas such as science policy, science writing, intellectual property law and patents, industry, consulting and entrepreneurship, academic research/teaching, science education, nonprofit sector and government.

The 2016 PPI will provide a range of information and resources which biomedical research trainees will need in order to make a successful transition to independence, including making the right career choice, finding the right institutional fit, applying for a position, succeeding in the job interview and seminar, negotiating a start up package, networking and forming collaborations, and balancing research with many other commitments. The focus of the 2016 PPI is on a diverse range of career options which are available in the biomedical research workforce. The "Reality Ph.D.: It's Not Just Academia" panel discussion series will highlight the careers of postdoc peers who are thriving and surviving in careers at the bench and beyond.

While the transition to independence is a challenge for all postdocs, young investigators who are members of groups that are identified as underrepresented in the biomedical or behavioral sciences may have an especially difficult time finding and establishing themselves in their first independent positions. For this reason, emphasis will be placed on members of these groups; however, participation in this program is not limited to these groups of individuals. The 2016 PPI is intended for postdocs, advanced graduate students and early-career scientists.

NOTE: All participants will be required to pay a $25 registration fee upon selection; however, travel awards will be provided for all eligible applicants (those not receiving federally-funded travel support and also meet the other travel award eligibility criteria) who are selected to participate in the 2016 PPI.

Travel awards (up to a maximum of $1,500) are being provided to help defray the travel and lodging expenses of the participants who do not reside in the area where the 2016 PPI will be held.

The 2016 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute is managed and organized by the FASEB MARC Program.

Non-official recording of any workshop or general session by any means (photographing, audio taping, videotaping) is prohibited, except by a FASEB authorized agent for official purposes.

The 2016 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute is funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health. [T36 GM0008637-20]