Billboards must be approved and permits must be obtained through Student Affairs Reservations for any billboard posted near the Student Center, Thach Concourse, or Roosevelt Concourse. Billboards may be posted for two weeks. Groups are responsible for proper placement and removal of billboards.

Billboard specifications are as follows:
• Billboards must be no larger than 8'x 4'.
• The orientation of the billboard must be landscape (wide).
• Most billboards are made of wood. Boards must have cinder blocks or sand bags on the legs for stability.
• Groups are responsible for maintaining their billboards. If a billboard is found face down, the responsible group has 24 hours to repair the sign or it will be subject to removal.
• Billboards may be placed outside for a maximum of 2 weeks.
• Name or logo of the student group organization must appear on plywood board.
• Signs must not impede traffic (pedestrian or automobile) and must be placed in the assigned location near the Student Center (to be provided at the completion of a reservation).