Approved? Now what?

Each organization is required to annually update their organization's information & roster online at Directions are below:

1.Upon arriving to the AUinvolve website, students should begin by clicking on LOG IN in the upper right corner. You may access the page with your Auburn University Username and Password.

2.Upon logging in, you may access your organization page by clicking on “See all of my organizations” or browsing for your organization under the “Organizations” tab. All students who submit paperwork will automatically be listed as the primary contact for your organization granting you administrative privileges. You may change you primary contact at any time.

3.Update the membership roster for your organization.

  • The Office of Student Involvement requires your organization to have 10 members. You may invite your members by their Auburn University e-mail address or you can have members click on “Join Organization”. Our office requires you to enter all of your members into your roster. There are many benefits to having all of your members listed including but not limited to: Messaging, Elections, Document Storage, Forms/Applications, Events Calendar, and more.

  • 4.Attend the bi-annual New Student Organizations Leadership Training.

  • The Student Organization President and up to 5 officers are required to attend the New Student Organization Leadership Training. The training is offered twice a year, in September and January. The training will cover important information on policies and procedures for student organizations as well as allow organization leaders the opportunity to discover more about their leadership style and potential.

  • 5.Attend 3 of the 6 Student Organization Workshops

  • The Involvement Ambassadors host 6 distinctive workshops to assist organization leaders in many different areas of running an effective organization. These workshops will cover a variety of topics and will be offered monthly. The schedule of these workshops is available on AUinvolve.