Club Sports

Auburn University student organizations have a special category of student organizations referred to as Club Sports. The Club Sports programs are coordinated through the Competitive Sports Office in Campus Recreation and the Office of Student Involvement. These organizations are designed to serve students and faculty/staff members in recreational sports and activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature. The organizations may represent Auburn University in extra-curricular competition or conduct intra-club activities such as practice, instruction and tournament play.

All Club Sports must adhere to all organizational policies and procedures as well as any policy and procedure outlined by Campus Recreation. Club Sports organizations are registered in the same manner that all student organizations are registered. Failure to adhere to these policies and procedures will result in the loss of the benefits and rights of being an Student Organization.

Competitive Sports Office

The Competitive Sports Office provides encouragement, guidance, and coordination to the Clubs Sports recognized by the Office of Student Involvement.

Questions regarding Club Sports should be directed to the Competitive Sports Office:

601 Heisman Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849

Becoming a Club Sport
Students interested in beginning a Club Sport should begin the same process all student organizations are required to follow. Only Permanent Student Organizations will be considered an active Club Sport. Upon completion and approval of Provisional status, students interested in starting the Club Sport must schedule a meeting with the Competitive Sports Office. After the provisional period is up, organizations who have obtained approval by the Competitive Sports Office to become a Club Sport may apply for Permanent Status. Should the Competitive Sports Office not approve the Club Sport a student organization may become a special interest group with students who enjoy playing that particular sport, but will not be allowed to compete.