Using the University Name

Auburn University Office of Trademark and Licensing was created to establish a foundation for promoting and protecting the use of its trademarks. Use of Auburn University's name or other Auburn trademarks with an organization name implies association with the University. Therefore, only those student organizations that are officially recognized by the Office of Student Involvement and official campus departments are allowed to use the Auburn University name or abbreviations with their official organization names.

However, the name Auburn University or AU should not be used prior to the name of the organization. Your constitution and all records with the Auburn University Office of student Involvement should reflect the name of the organization without the AU. (Example- The Society of Student Organizations at Auburn University is allowable, Auburn University Society of Student Organizations is NOT.)

Auburn logos and trademarks may be used, but may not be altered or used to spell out any name.

Exceptions may be made to organizations that refer to the geographical location of ÔÇťAuburn" in their name. Most times, these organizations are community organizations with proper documentation stating such, that wish to have a student organization as well.

If you have questions on if your organization logo will be allowable or any other questions regarding the use of Auburn University name visit the Office of Trademark Management & Licensing website at