About Student Organizations Board

The Auburn University Student Organizations Board (O-Board) is composed of seven members and a representative of the Division of Student Affairs who serves as an ex officio member. O-Board members are selected through an interview process and appointed by the Student Government Association Student Senate.

O-Board shall have the following duties:
  • To publish at the end of each semester to the Student Senate a list of the student organizations and their status.
  • To review and approval applications for Provisional student organizations.
  • To review and approval applications from Permanent student organizations for Organizations Funds monies.
  • To disapprove any application, if necessary, on technical grounds.
  • To maintain a record of all chartered organizations and allocations from the Organizations Fund in the Office of Student Involvement.
O-Board meetings are held at bi-weekly during fall and spring semester. A full schedule of Organizations Board hearing dates are made available at www.auburn.edu/involvement. Organizations requesting to meet with O-Board must submit the required materials the Thursday before each hearing by 4:45 PM.

An organization may appeal any decision of O-Board to the Student Government Association Judicial Branch. This appeal must be made within 30 days of the Organizations Board.

The following information is taken from Chapter 300 and Chapter 500 of the Student Government Association Bylaws found online at www.auburn.edu/sga.