Who must apply to become a recognized AU student organization?
Any group of 10 or more currently enrolled Auburn University students who refer to themselves as an organization or club must apply to be registered with the Office of Student Involvement. This does not include Student Activity Portfolios or the Greek Life organizations which fall under different categories.

What is the difference between a Provisional and Permanent organization?
An organization is given one year of provisional status before becoming an officially granted Permanent organization. During the Provisional period, the organization must demonstrate the following in order to apply for Permanent status:

  • Its value through worthwhile group enterprises and activities
  • Sound financial policies
  • That it has met all the requirements to remain a recognized AU student organization.
Organizations on provisional status are eligible for all benefits with the exception of the ability to apply for Organizations Fund monies. Only Permanent organizations are eligible to apply. An organization remains Permanent as long as they meet the annual requirements to remain a recognized AU student organization.

How long do I maintain Provisional status as an organization?
An organization must remain on Provisional status for one year from the date the organization's Provisional status was approved by the Organizations Board. After that one year deadline expires and all requirements have been met, the student organization will have a maximum of six months to apply for Permanent status. Organizations can contact the Office of Student Involvement to request the paperwork to apply for Permanent status. Organizations who fail to apply for Permanent status within six months will be placed on Inactive status.

What happens if an organization does not meet the requirements to stay a recognized AU student organization?
A Provisional or Permanent student organization that does not meet the requirements is placed on Probationary status. The organization temporarily loses all privileges of a recognized AU student organization. An organization that remains on Probationary status for a period exceeding two consecutive years becomes Inactive.

What is an Inactive organization?
Organizations are placed on Inactive status for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Been on Probationary status for a period exceeding two consecutive years.
  • Violation of University policies and regulations.
  • Failure to obtain Permanent status after a period of six months after completing one year of Provisional status.
  • If the organization president or advisor report that the student organization is no longer functioning.
An inactive organization wishing to re-establish on campus must repeat the entire registration process.

What is Organizations Day?
Organizations Day (also known as O-Days) are held throughout the year. A larger O-Week is held at the beginning of the fall & spring semester and smaller Weekly O-Days are held every Wednesday of the fall & spring semester. It is an opportunity for your organization to set up a table and for other Auburn University students to learn about your organization. It is especially a great way to recruit new members. The Office of Student Involvement provides a table and two chairs free to each organization. You must sign up to participate.

How do I find an advisor for my organization?
Students may ask any Auburn University faculty or staff member to serve as advisor to the organization. Students will often ask mentors, faculty or staff members in the department the organization is in, or faculty or staff members they know might have an interest in the organization. The role and expectations of the advisor are included in this packet.

How is my organization added to AUinvolve?
Upon approval by the Organizations Board, organizations will be automatically added to AUinvolve. All organizations must maintain an accurate roster and profile on AUinvolve. Failure to do so may result in Probationary Status.

What is the Presidents' Meeting?
Presidents' Meeting is a required informational meeting for each organization's President held at the beginning of the fall semester. If the president is unable to attend at the scheduled time of the meeting, then they may send a representative. The meeting date and time is announced through AUinvolve. Failure to attend the Fall Presidents meeting may result in Probationary status for the upcoming year.

What events do organizations have to register?
Organizations should register <u>all</u> of their events & activities through AUinvolve. To do so, students with proper administrative privileges for their organization page may create an event from your organizations main page. Any event that is serving as an official organizational function should be recorded through AUinvolve. Not only does this process register your event with our office, it allows your members to have access to your event calendar through AUinvolve.

Any event taking place on Auburn's campus that is not a reoccurring event (general meeting) should be registered with Auburn University's Office of Communications and Marketing through www.auburn.edu/auevents. This process should be done in advance. Specific guidelines are available at www.auburn.edu/auevents.

How do I set up my organization's checking account?
An organization may set up a checking account at any banking institution. Organizations do not have to have a checking account unless they collect any income such as dues. The organization should have at least two names on the bank account, one of which should be the organization Advisor. The Office of Student Involvement retains the right to request an audit of any organization's financial records.

How does my organization apply for Organizations Fund?
Student Organization can apply for Organizations Fund by completing the form online through AUinvolve. Funding guidelines can be found at www.auburn.edu/involvement. Only Permanent student organizations can apply for monies from the Organizations Fund.