1. Attend an Otter Days event to kick off the academic year
  2. Catch a wave or some rays at Marina State Beach
  3. Volunteer through the Catalyst Center
  4. Get your photo taken with Monte Rey
  5. Join one of CSUMB's 100+ Student Organizations - you can learn more at Otter Showcase!
  6. Attend the President's Lecture Series
  7. Visit one of the many local farmers markets
  8. Soak up the sun on the Main Quad
  9. See an actual Otter in the Monterey Bay
  10. Vote for your student leaders in the Associated Students election
  11. Take a trip with Outdoor Recreation
  12. Try one of the local noodle restaurants
  13. Take a walk through our very own Splash Mountain, Chapman Science Center
  14. Sit on or rub the Clint Eastwood Boulders near the Alumni Visitor Center for good luck!
  15. Attend the annual Homecoming Concert sponsored by Otter Student Union
  16. Enroll in a fitness class, or use the facilities at the Kelp Bed (Otter Sports Complex)
  17. Witness the basketball team begin their season at Midnight Madness
  18. Eat at Monte's located in the University Center
  19. Attend a Capstone showcase other than your own
  20. Use a free pass to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with friends
  21. Wear CSUMB gear to class on Fridays and show your Otter Pride
  22. Attend one of Monterey's many cultural festivals
  23. Challenge friends to billiards, or ping pong at the Student Center
  24. Listen to or share your own talents at an RHA Open Mic Night
  25. Meet the university president
  26. Stop in the Otter Cross Cultural Center to answer the question of the day
  27. Try some of Monterey's famous clam chowder
  28. Attend or volunteer at a graduation celebration other than your own
  29. Visit the Center for Advising, Career, and Student Success
  30. Find your favorite local sandwich shop
  31. Use MST for free to head over to Cannery Row for some sightseeing
  32. Donate blood or volunteer at a campus blood drive
  33. Explore the Fort Ord trails
  34. Get a cup of coffee or a smoothie at the Library Cafe, proudly serving Peet's Coffee
  35. Utilize one of the two world class disc golf courses on campus
  36. Find the perfect study spot at the Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library
  37. Take a boat ride in the Monterey Bay
  38. Find your favorite spot on the student-created mural across from VPA
  39. Grab some tea or coffee at a local shop
  40. Choose your own adventure.*