AB540- California Dreamer-students neither regret nor take for granted our current immigrant status. We believe in social justice and access to higher college education for all California students regardless of national origin, native tongue or legal status in the country. Undocumented students at California State University Monterey Bay greatly value social justice in education. We believe that every student deserves to be granted an equal opportunity to succeed in their academic goals in order leverage differences in our society. This can only be attainable with equality regardless of economic and social status, gender, race and sexual orientation. We believe that through social justice and equal opportunity every student can reach his or her goals and aspirations. It is only in an educational environment free of prejudices and discrimination against immigration status that courage students can be full participators in creating better and safe communities. As undocumented students, we value social justice and social equality as the American values that guaranty justice and equal access to college education for all coexisting in a mutually supportive society where each individual student can recognize her or his full potential.