PLAY Conference

Throughout the conference, look for >play volunteers to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Volunteers will be wearing conference t-shirts.

Wi-Fi Access - Wireless access is available through the UC Berkeley AirBears Wireless Network, a password protected channel on campus. >play attendees have temporary access to AirBears using any of the username/password combinations below:

Access is through your web browser. Please use the “GUEST LOGIN” button. Username: guest-64832, Password: fQTSGPd7RA
Username: guest-64833, Password: ONRTVTV8ar
Username: guest-64834, Password: qE3AwkFBPu
Username: guest-64835, Password: N5oIhkH9OU Username: guest-64836, Password: qrfAxT1zPe

Food & Drink - Aside from breakfast and lunch, beverages will be available during the day. At the end of the conference, drinks and light refreshments will be served.

Cameras/Recordings - Use of cameras or other recording devices is permitted unless instructed otherwise.

Cellular Phones/Handheld Devices - Please turn your cell phone to silent during all keynote speeches and panels.

Emergencies - For emergency assistance, please dial campus police at (510) 642-3333.

Lost & Found - The lost and found is located inside the MBA lounge in the Bank of America Forum.

Recycling - For recycling purposes, please pay close attention to the different bins: green bin - bottles & cans, blue bin - paper, black bin - garbage.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building.