LLAS 11th e-Learning Symposium 2016

Welcome to the LLAS Centre's 11th annual e-learning symposium!

It is wonderful to welcome you to our 11th event – how time flies! It doesn't seem so long ago that we sat and planned our first symposium. The event has grown since those early days to include more sessions, more speakers and more days – it is now a two-day dynamic space to share good practice. This year is a fantastic year, and you will have the opportunity to hear about some of the exciting developments going on in the use of technology for language teaching and research from our LLAS community. You will also have the chance to take part in practical workshops. The event will inspire you and also give you practical tips to take forward into your teaching. This year we will also have two students blogging about the event. Read their posts here.

Last year, we were proud to mark the symposium with the production of a free, open access ebook '10 years of the LLAS elearning symposium: case studies in good practice'. This edited collection has had nearly 3000 hits and continues to be popular –please take a look at some of the inspiring case studies and comment pieces.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank you for attending today's conference. I hope you find the material we cover useful to you and look forward to seeing you at future events.

Professor Mike Kelly
Director, LLAS Centre for languages, linguistics and area studies
University of Southampton

Our feedback form is available at : LLAS symposium online feedback.We would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill it in and tell us what you thought of the event.