Kevin Blackburn, P.E., GISP

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Kevin graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Civil Engineering in 2002 and MS in Civil Engineering in 2003. He received his Professional Engineering license in 2007 and GISP from the GISCI in 2015. Since 2003 he has been employed by Kimley-Horn and Associates, where he is a project manager and firm-wide leader and resource on GIS projects in Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee. He is a strong advocate of promoting GIS throughout his company and the industry through mentoring, training, technical assistance, and presentations at engineering conferences nationwide. Kevin is passionate about getting involved with TNGIC and working to bridge the gap between traditional engineering consulting services and innovative GIS deployments.

Kevin has 12 years of experience in asset inventory/geodatabase management, safety studies, transportation design, and planning. Kevin has served as project manager on multiple key projects involving railroad inventory and safety, sign retro-reflectivity inventory and assessment, guardrail inventory and assessment, development of specialized training, and high-accuracy GPS data collection. As project manager on the Statewide Outdoor Advertising Control Program, he has partnered with TDOT continually over the past 4 years on all tasks of the project, conducted inventory for more than 11,000 sites across the state, and consistently delivers results that exceed TDOT expectations.

If elected to the Board of Directors, Kevin will work diligently to promote TNGIC and the GIS community through networking with GIS and engineering professionals across Tennessee and the nation.