Teach with Portals: Thinking Outside of Aperture Science

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Mar 23rd at 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM


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Gaming has the power to truly change how kids learn and, when educators and the gaming community team up, we have a chance to influence education in a genuine and exciting way. Join Lisa Castaneda, a gamer and middle school math teacher from Seattle, Washington, and Geoff Moore, a gaming entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada, as they share just how they are changing education for students across the country. We will explore the design, development and deployment of several Teach with Portals lessons available through Steam for Schools. Not only are kids playing Portal 2, they are using the level-editor to learn and create in ways that are changing education. Kids are able to apply math in the game world, solve problems that are open-ended and work in groups to collaborate and solve puzzles. We hope to educate and inspire others who would like to see great games make their way into the classroom so more students have the opportunity to experience first hand the positive ways gaming can enhance learning.