Designing to Do Good

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Mar 22nd at 3:30 PM until 4:30 PM


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From allegories to science fiction and comic books, narrative and virtual worlds have long been both a vital means to envision a better world and to conceptualize tools and methods for the future. Today gaming is relentlessly pursued as an important educational and rehabilitative tool. For some it holds the potential to effectively ameliorate lives severely impeded by learning issues while providing access to experiences often limited in the physical world for others. Regardless of disability, game design is the key to opening a world that provides undeniably important environments removed from judgement and rife with the important skills and strategies that are transferable across life. Yet today, non-traditional learners and gamers with disabilities as well as developers who envision their designs as a means to improve the lives of others feel equally frustrated by a disconnect in the design process. We invite you to help us unite artists and developers with non-traditional learners and gamers with disabilities in order to design better UI and UX to effect better access to these vital life altering tools. Audience members will be encouraged to tweet suggestions or questions on either side of the discussion to help create a list of needs and suggestions via twitter under the hashtag #paxdesignadvocacy to the name @Hackcessability.