Parents as Characters

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Mar 22nd at 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM


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Videogames have traditionally done their best to ignore parents - if they're around at all, it's just to give the real hero his lunch before he heads off to save the world. Recently, games as diverse as Papo & Yo, Heavy Rain, Persona 4 Golden, and The Walking Dead have shown that parents can have an immense impact on a character - or player's - life. During this discussion, we'll examine the growing role of parents as characters in videogames, and how that might impact the kinds of stories that are told, and how real-life parents might interact with their game-playing kids. Moderated by Susan Arendt (The Escapist), featuring gaming parents Ben Kuchera (Penny Arcade Report), Brian Crecente (Polygon), and Mike Laidlaw (BioWare).