Borders and Bullets: Global Game Controversies

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Mar 24th at 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM


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As videogames become an international hobby, games increasingly run into problems of representation and localization. Military shooters often use international conflicts or real locations as their backdrop, igniting controversy in the countries they portray as well as raising questions about the portrayal of foreign people and the impact of violence in digital space. This panel will explore the more worrisome aspects of this trend and discuss possible solutions the industry can use going forward. What's the favorite game of Hezbollah militants? What are the ethical questions we need to consider when designing violent media? How'd Castro feel about getting shot in Black Ops? This sequel to PAX East's "Borders, Bigotry, and Body Dumps" will take on Oliver North, The Red Cross, and whether Spec Ops: The Line represents a new breed of ethically-centered shooter.