1. Robert Rath
    Freelance Writer
  2. John M. O'Meara
  3. Marc Watson
    Customer Support Manager, Mojang AB
  4. Greg Stackhouse
    Associate Producer, Uber Entertainment
  5. Tara Theoharis
    Blogger - Geeky Hostess, Producer/Actor - Job Hunters
  6. Michael Robles
    Community Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  7. Ryan Dancey
    Pathfinder Online
  8. Shawn Andrich
    Co-Founder, Gamers With Jobs
  9. Cory Banks
    Podcaster, Gamers With Jobs
  10. Jeff Green
    Director of Editorial and Social Media, PopCap Games
  11. Constantine von Hoffman
    Writer, CBSNews
  12. Randy Pitchford
    CEO, Gearbox Software
  13. Mikey Neumann
    Chief Creative Champion, Gearbox Software
  14. Anthony Burch
    Lead Writer, Gearbox Software
  15. Daniel Rose
    Patent Attorney, Foley and Lardner, LLP
  16. Britany Hayes
    Artist, Console Alliance
  17. Jamie Doiron
    , Engineering and Technology Teacher, South Windsor Public Schools
  18. Steve Watts
    Freelance Writer
  19. Elisa Melendez
    Sociologist and Rockstar, FIU
  20. Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows
    Freelance Writer/Producer, Tin Man Games
  21. Sean Baptiste
    PR, Fire Hose Games
  22. Melissa Kay
    Host, Press 2 Reset
  23. Lacy Wilson
    Freelance Writer, Tin Man Games
  24. Aenne Schumann
    Host, Press 2 Reset
  25. Hilary Shapiro
    Event Consultant/Host, BioWare and Nerd Appropriate
  26. Scott Thompson
    Podcast Editor, Nintendo World Report
  27. Lauren Ronaghan
    Contributing Writer, Nintendo World Report
  28. Billy Brown
    Contributor, Nintendo World Report
  29. Patrick Barnett
    News Editor, Nintendo World Report
  30. Seth Wolfman
    English Teacher, Natick Public Schools
  31. Mike Lipson
    Game Design Teacher, Natick Public Schools
  32. John Lanza
    Patent Attorney, Foley and Lardner, LLP
  33. Adam Losey
    Attorney and Educator, Foley and Lardner, LLP
  34. Dave Walls
    CEO and Developer, Funkitron, Inc.
  35. Andy Wang
    Technical Staff, Decision Support, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  36. Nancy Crabtree
    Technical Staff, Cyber Defense, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  37. Tim Dasey
    Group Leader, Decision Support Technologies, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  38. David 'djpretzel' Lloyd
    Founder and President, OverClocked ReMix, LLC
  39. Larry 'Liontamer' Oji
    Community Manager and Judge, OC ReMix
  40. Andrew 'OA' Luers
    Head Submissions Evaluator and ReMixer, OC ReMix
  41. Shariq 'DarkeSword' Ansari
    Judge and ReMixer, OC ReMix
  42. Vinnie 'Palpable' Prabhu
    Judge and ReMixer, OC ReMix
  43. Deia 'DragonAvenger' Vengen
    Judge and ReMixer, OC ReMix
  44. Stevo 'Level 99' Bortz
    Staff Coordinator and ReMixer, OC ReMix
  45. Jose 'Bronx Rican' Felix
    Media Editor and ReMixer, OC ReMix
  46. Amy 'diotrans' Hsieh
    ReMixer,, OC ReMix
  47. Valerie 'Vilecat' Legendre
    Stevo's Much Better Half, OC ReMix
  48. Bowen Kerins
    Pinball Player, Pro-Am Pinball Association
  49. Erik Schlicht
    Technical Staff, Cognitive Science, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  50. Adam Norige
    Technical Staff, Homeland Protection, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  51. Seth Goldstein
    Engineering Manager, Harmonix Music
  52. Additional panelists to be named
  53. Anja Keister
    Co-producer and performer, D20 Burlesque
  54. Shoshana Kessock
    CEO, game designer, blogger, Phoenix Outlaw Productions
  55. Iris Explosion
    Sex Educator, freelance performer
  56. Stella Chuu
    Cosplay model, freelance performer and model
  57. Susana Polo
    Managing Editor, The Mary Sue
  58. Brandon Nance
    Tournament Organizer
  59. JP Porcaro
    President, American Library Association's Games and Gaming Round Table
  60. Leah Davis
    Senior Member, Disorganization XIII
  61. Robert Bauer
    Senior Member/Lead Educator, DisorganizationXIII/Mathnasium
  62. Maximillian Krchmar
    Tournament Organizer
  63. Andrew Greenberg
    Tournament Organizer, Team St1ckbug
  64. Andrew Weinert
    Technical Staff, Disaster Preparedness, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  65. Mark Steinman
    Coordinator, Pro-Am Pinball Association
  66. Philippe-Antoine Menard
    Game Designer and Blogger, Critical-Hits LLC
  67. Brooke Lawson
    The Game Station
  68. Michael Lowings
    Technical Team Lead, Delta Genomics
  69. Jeff Kalles
    Penny Arcade
  70. Jerry 'Tycho' Holkins
    Penny Arcade
  71. Robert Boyd
    Zeboyd Games
  72. Bill Stiernberg
    Zeboyd Games
  73. Elizabeth Barkan
    Producer, Theater For Nerds
  74. Chris Avellone
    Game Designer, Obsidian Entertainment
  75. Isaiah Tanenbaum
    Creative Partner, Flux Theatre Ensemble
  76. Mario Bueno
  77. Pat Baer
    Technical Director, Comedian, UCB Theatre
  78. Dr. Tyler R. Black
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, BC Children's Hospital
  79. Kelly Wallick
    Megabooth Overlord, Infrared5
  80. Nels Anderson
    Klei Entertainment, Designer
  81. Rob Daviau
    IronWall Games, CEO
  82. Emily Jarrett
    Grad Student, Vancouver School of Theology
  83. Jacob Wood
    Writer, RaidWarning
  84. Ryan Gutierrez
    CEO, Cross Counter TV
  85. Mark Julio
    Sponsorship and Product Manager, Mad Catz
  86. James Chen
    Commentator, UltraChenTV
  87. Kelly Nylander
  88. Jason Anarchy
    Series Creator, Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG
  89. Brett Cowen
  90. Peter Melse
  91. Christopher Merwin
    Publisher and World-Builder, BlackStar Studios
  92. Stephen Michael DiPesa
    Senior Game Designer, White Wolf, Independent Designer
  93. John Maki
    Designer and Partner, BlackStar Studios
  94. Ben Cacchione
    Designer and Playtester, BlackStar Studios
  95. Seven
    Host, AppJunkies, RaidWarning
  96. Patrick Mulhern
    Editor in Chief, Lorehound
  97. Mat Staltman
    Developer, Bootsnake Games
  98. Benjamin Sanchez
    Project Head, Legend of the Cipher, LLC
  99. Todd Anderson
    Head Writer, Legend of the Cipher, LLC
  100. Zeen Rachidi
    Head of Production, Legend of the Cipher, LLC
  101. Joel Whit Davis
    Senior Member/CEO, DisorganizationXIII/Ember Games
  102. Daniel Skippy Cheifer
    Senior Member/Doctoral Candidate, DisorganizationXIII/Syracuse University
  103. Michael Keiderling
    Senior Member/Doctoral Candidate, DisorganizationXIII/Rutgers University
  104. Adam Koshi Shang
    Junior Member/OEM Parts Specialist, DisorganizationXIII
  105. Skip Smith
    Independant Stick Creator
  106. Brian Hsu
    Junior Member/Independent Stick Maker, DisorganizationXIII
  107. Emily Care Boss
    Owner/Creator, Black and Green Games
  108. Epidiah Ravachol
    Owner/Creator, Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing
  109. Matt Blum
    Managing Editor, GeekDad.com
  110. Corrina Lawson
    Senior Editor, GeekMom.com
  111. Jonathan Liu
    Senior Editor, GeekDad.com
  112. Curtis Silver
    Core Contributor, GeekDad.com
  113. Nicole Wakelin
    Core Contributor, GeekMom.com
  114. Doug Cornelius
    Contributor, GeekDad.com
  115. Angelo D'Argenio
    President/Editor/Editor, DisorganizationXIII/Shoryuken.com/Cheat Code Central
  116. Luke Peterschmidt
    Fun to 11
  117. Seth Brown
    Head Engineer, Legend of the Cipher, LLC
  118. Austin Grossman
    Writer, Narrative Designer
  119. Matthew Weise
    Narrative Designer, Harmonix
  120. Clara Fernandez
    Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT
  121. Chet Faliszek
    Valve Software
  122. Ricardo Bare
    Arkane Studios
  123. Steve Lin
    General Manager, Gree
  124. LoadingReadyRun
    Feed Dump, Unskippable, LRR
  125. Bob Chipman
    MovieBob, Escape to the Movies, The Game Overthinker
  126. Shamus Young
    Experience Points, The Escapist
  127. Janelle Bonanno
    Content Partnerships, The Escapist
  128. Kris Straub
  129. Scott Kurtz
  130. Ryan S. Dancey
    CEO, Goblinworks
  131. Ryan Carlson
    Contributor, GeekDad.com
  132. Brady Dommermuth
    Senior Designer, Wizards of the Coast
  133. Steve Golson
  134. Jonathan Hurd
  135. Eric Pribyl
  136. Mike Horowitz
  137. Kevin Osborn
  138. Carlos Smith
  139. Tom Flaherty
  140. Mike Feinstein
  141. Betty Tylko
  142. Josh Littlefield
  143. George Skleres
    Game Engineer, Riot Games
  144. Jeffrey Lin
    Lead Social Systems Designer, Riot Games
  145. Davin Pavlas
    User Researcher, Riot Games
  146. Carl Kwoh
    Producer, Riot Games
  147. Mike Stulir
    American Classic Arcade Museum
  148. Dennis Shirk
    Senior Producer, Firaxis
  149. Dave Guskin
    Advanced Developer, Wizards of the Coast
  150. Scott Larabee
    Manager: OP Programs, Wizards of the Coast
  151. Adam Colby
    Associate Brand Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  152. Casey Hudson
    Executive Producer and Project Director, Bioware
  153. Preston Watamaniuk
    Lead Designer, Bioware
  154. Parrish Ley
    Lead Cinematics Director, Bioware
  155. John Dumbrow
    Writer, Bioware
  156. Dusty Everman
    Level Designer, Bioware
  157. Geoff Keighley
    Host, Spike TV
  158. Dean Hall
    DayZ Project Lead, Bohemia Interactive
  159. Matt Lightfoot
    Day Z Production Assistant, Bohemia Interactive
  160. Jake Solomon
    Lead Designer, Firaxis
  161. Greg Foertsch
    Lead Artist, Firaxis
  162. Ed Beach
    Lead Designer, Firaxis
  163. Amanda Van Nostrand
  164. Eric Lee Smith
    Shenandoah Studio, CEO
  165. Tim Schafer
    President and CEO, Double Fine Productions
  166. Gabe
    Penny Arcade
  167. Tycho
    Penny Arcade
  168. Mark Kline PsyD.
    Psychologist, The Human Relations Service
  169. Martin Rae
    President, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
  170. Jack Emmert
    Star Citizen
  171. Jamie King
  172. Nate Andrews
    Managing Editor, Nintendo World Report
  173. Drew Holmes
    Writer, Irrational Games
  174. John Abercrombie
    Lead Programmer, Irrational Games
  175. Amanda Jeffrey
    Level Designer, Irrational Games
  176. Heather Gordon
    Motion Capture Actress
  177. Melissa Ojeda
    Sr. Publicist, EA
  178. Steven Segedy
    Publisher, Fiasco
  179. Daniel Solis
  180. Cliff Bleszinski
    Game Designer
  181. TQ Jefferson
  182. Greg Rice
    Producer, Double Fine Adventure, Double Fine Productions
  183. Paul Levering
    Producer, 2 Player Productions
  184. Chris Remo
    Community Manager, Double Fine Productions
  185. Paul Hellquist
    Creative Director, Gearbox Software
  186. Gary Vincent
    American Classic Arcade Museum
  187. John Anderson
    Freelance Author
  188. Seven DeBord
    Creator, RaidWarning, GuildWarsInsider
  189. Will Brierly
  190. Ken Gagne
    PC World
  191. Steve Swink
  192. Stephen Reid
  193. David Brevik
  194. Matt Group
  195. Leo Olebe
  196. Chris Dahlen
    Writer, Editor, Narrative Designer
  197. Ken Levine
    Co-Founder, Irrational Games
  198. Mark Sivak
    Co-Founder, At-Large Gamers
  199. Todd Harris
    President, Hi Rez (Tribes Ascend), Hi Rez Studios
  200. Rod
    Lead eSports Editor, Host, GameSpot, Live On Three
  201. Marcus
    eSports and Viz Dev Manager, Host, TwitchTV, Live On Three
  202. Seth Alter
    Captain of Industry, Subaltern Games
  203. Jessica Merizan
    Crabcat Industries XO, Crabcat Industries
  204. Jared Creasy
    Tripwire Interactive, Community Manager
  205. Alan Wilson
    Tripwire Interactive, Vice President
  206. Steve Piggott
    President, Tom Banner
  207. John Lyons
    CEO, Digital Roar
  208. Zachariah Inks
    Creative Director, Digital Roar
  209. Ryan Creighton
    Owner, Untold Entertainment
  210. Gabe and Tycho!
  211. Kam Zambell
    Producer, Crystal Dynamics
  212. Kari Hattner
    Associate Producer, Crystal Dynamics
  213. Chris Roberts
    President, Lead Dev, Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games
  214. Russ Bullock
    CEO, Lead Dev, MechWarrior Online, Piranha Games
  215. Richard Ranky
    CEO, 3-Spark
  216. Dan Cotrupe
    Lead Designer and CEO, Tectonic Craft Studios
  217. James Lopez
    Founder, ThePhatStartup.com
  218. Anthony Frasier
    Founder, TheKoalition.com
  219. CJ Peters
    Founder/CEO, KonsoleKingz.com
  220. Gerard Williams
    Founder, HipHopGamerShow.com
  221. Alexis Hebert-Ruiz
    Community Manager, Microsoft
  222. Landon Robinson
    Writer, Machinima
  223. Eric L. Patterson
    News Editor, EGM Media
  224. Richard Grisham
    Panel Host, Operation Sports, GamesRadar
  225. Mike Suszek
    Weekend Editor, Joystiq
  226. Samit Sarkar
    News Reporter, Polygon
  227. Kraig Kujawa
    Creative Director, Iron Galaxy Studios
  228. Greg Sewart
    Associate Producer, Frontier Developments
  229. Nicole Tan
    Artist, Crystal Dynamics
  230. Megan Marie
    Community Manager, Crystal Dynamics
  231. Ryan Morrison
    Software Engineer, Island Officials
  232. Alyssa
    Special Effects Costumer, Propped Up Creations
  233. PAX East Musical Guests
  234. Jose Mejia
    Community Manager, Kiz Studios
  235. Ben Rodgers
    Lead Designer, Kiz Studios
  236. Jacob Schieck
    Lead Programmer, Kiz Studios
  237. Allen White
    Art Director, Kiz Studios
  238. Ashlee Vaughn
    Communications Director, Kiz Studios
  239. Brad Shoemaker
    Giant Bomb
  240. Adam Rippon
    Creative Director, Muteki
  241. John Lindemuth
    Director of Art, Warner Bros Games/Turbine Inc.
  242. Holden Link
    Producer, Magic Pixel Games
  243. Cory Johnson
    Sr. Software Engineer, Zynga
  244. Elliot Mitchell
    Founder, VT Digital Arts
  245. Caroline Murphy
    Community Manager, Boston Indies
  246. Amy Brady
    Senior Frag Doll, Marketing and Promotions, Ubisoft
  247. The LoadingReadyRun Crew!
  248. David Yang
    Senior PR Manager, Square Enix, Inc.
  249. Morten Haugaard
    Product Manager, Square Enix, Inc.
  250. Bill Amend
  251. Oded Sharon
    CEO, Adventure Mob
  252. Troy Hewitt
    Community Director, Carbine Studio
  253. Chad Moore
    Lead Narrative Designer, Carbine Studio
  254. Mike Donatelli
    Content Director, Carbine Studio
  255. Mike Mearls
    Senior Manager, Wizards of the Coast
  256. Chris Perkins
    Senior Producer, Wizards of the Coast
  257. Frank O'Connor
    343 Industries
  258. Kevin Franklin
    343 Industries
  259. Dan Ayoub
    343 Industries
  260. David Ellis
    343 Industries
  261. Tom Potter
    Certain Affinity
  262. Benjamin Cavallari
    Founder/College Instructor, ARC Academic Relations Consulting
  263. Don 'Jake' Etgeton
    Senior User Experience Designer, Disney Interactive
  264. Seth Sivak
    CEO, Proletariat Inc.
  265. Jen MacLean
  266. Brent Copeland
    Host, Dead Workers Party, inc
  267. Eric Fullerton
    Host, Dead Workers Party, inc
  268. Wes Wilson
    Host, Dead Workers Party, inc
  269. Mark Cooper
    Information Specialist, Dead Workers Party, inc
  270. Michael Langlois
    Mike Langlois, LICSW
  271. Brett Elston
    Community Manager, Capcom
  272. Gabe Graziani
    Senior Community Developer, Ubisoft
  273. Matt Grandstaff
    Community Manager, Bethesda
  274. Sveinn Johannesson Kjarval
    Community Developer, CCP
  275. Kathleen Sanders
    Senior Community Manager, eSports, Meteor
  276. Rob Smith
    Editor-in-Chief, Machinima
  277. Demian Linn
    Director of Community, Raptr
  278. Becky Taylor
    Marketing Associate, Stomp Games and Recent Graduate
  279. Ichiro Lambe
    President and Creative Director, Dejobaan
  280. Angela Puccini
    Chief Collaborator/Speaker, Hackcessability
  281. Angela Chang
    Developer/CEO, Tinkerstories
  282. AJ Glasser
    Managing Editor, Inside Network
  283. Brian Liberge
    Game Designer, Freelance
  284. Jim White
    RPG Editor/Writer/Designer, Freelance
  285. Kaitlynn Peavler
    Artist, Freelance
  286. Casey Peavler
  287. Art Vaccarino
  288. Tim Loew
    Executive Director, MassDiGI
  289. Monty Sharma
    Managing Director, MassDiGI
  290. Jon Radoff
    CEO and Founder, Disruptor Beam
  291. Albert Reed
    CEO and Co-founder, Demiurge Studios
  292. Jamie Gotch
    CEO and Co-founder, Subatomic Studios
  293. Alex Schwartz
    Chief Scientist, Owlchemy Labs
  294. Joe Hills
    Partner, Team Snow Day
  295. Art Frederick
    Partner, Team Snow Day
  296. Guude
    Founder, Mindcrack
  297. Jeremy Gaffney
    Executive Producer, Carbine Studios
  298. Andy Velasquez
    Lead Producer, Perfect World
  299. Jared Sorensen
    Game Designer, Memento-Mori Theatriks
  300. Aaron Trites
    Manager, Community Development, Harmonix
  301. John Drake
    Director of Communications and Brand Management, Harmonix
  302. Eric Pope
    Harmonix Community Development, Writer, Harmonix
  303. Chris Rigopulos
    VP Music and Strategy, Harmonix
  304. Ira Fay
    Founder, Fay Games
  305. Greg Tito
    Senior Editor, The Escapist
  306. R. A. Salvatore
  307. Jason Schreier
    Writer, Kotaku
  308. Rob Zacny
    Channel Editor, PCGamesN
  309. Martine Paris
    Director, PR and Marketing, Outspark
  310. Amber Dalton
    Director, Marketing and Events, TwitchTV
  311. Jon Peters
    Lead Designer, ArenaNet
  312. Dave Georgeson
    Sony Online Entertainment
  313. Kevin
    Lead, Feed the Beast
  314. Sam Abramovich
    Researcher, University of Pittsburgh
  315. Peter Wardrip
    Researcher, University of Pittsburgh
  316. Yoon Jeon Kim
    Researcher, Florida State University
  317. Ross Higashi
    Roboticist, National Robotics Engineering Center
  318. Meghan Bathgate
    Researcher, University of Pittsburgh
  319. Brian Crecente
    New Editor, Polygon
  320. Ben Kuchera
    Senior Editor, Penny Arcade Report
  321. Mike Laidlaw
  322. Regina McMenomy
    Host, Game on Girl
  323. Rhonda Oglesby
    Host, Game on Girl
  324. Garrett Fuller
    Industry Relations, MMORPG.com
  325. Matt Firor
    General Manager, ZeniMax Online
  326. Fred Howard
    VP of Marketing, KingsIsle Entertainment
  327. Kevin Van Ness
    Head of Community, Wargaming
  328. James Portnow
    CEO, Rainmaker Games
  329. Cory Privitera
    Lead Blogger, Tokyo Hipster
  330. Damian Hess
    Musician, Level Up Records and Tapes
  331. Kyle Murdock
    Producer, Neosonic Productions
  332. Melvin Raymond
    DJ/Producer, One Beagle Productions
  333. DJ Cutman
  334. Disasterpeace
  336. and Special Guests TBA!
  337. Michael Todd
    Mr., MichaelToddGames
  338. Nicholas Oehlberg
    Co-founder, Streetpass Princeton
  339. Robert Oehlberg
    Founder, Streetpass Princeton
  340. Debbie Gluzband
    Co-Founder, Streetpass Long Island
  341. Isaiah TriForce Johnson
    CEO and Founder, Empire Arcadia
  342. Michael J. Mika
    Chief Creative Officer, Other Ocean Interactive
  343. Luke Crane
    Project Specialist for Games, Kickstarter
  344. Raheem Jarbo
    Musician/Producer, RandomBeats, LLC
  345. Kyle McIntosh
    Curator, GoodGamesWriting.com
  346. TokyoHipster.com
    Assistant Blogger, Tokyo Hipster
  347. Bill Doran
    Prop/Costume Maker, Punished Props
  348. Holly Conrad
    Creature Designer/Armor Maker, Crabcat Industries
  349. Matt Munson
    Prop/Costume Maker, The Project Workbench
  350. Rob Doran
  351. Jackie Goehner
    Costume Maker/Cosplayer
  352. Joe O'Brien
    Playtester, Metagame Theory
  353. Brian McDermott
    Co-Host, Metagame Theory
  354. Tom Gisondi
    Writer, Co-Host, Metagame Theory
  355. Troy Lavallee
    Contributor, Metagame Theory
  356. Justin Amirkhani
    Writer, GamerUnplugged.com
  357. Brendan Keogh
    Author, Killing is Harmless - A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line
  358. HipHopGamer
    Owner, HipHopGamerShow.com
  359. Neal Ronaghan
    Director, Nintendo World Report
  360. Vincent Baker
    Owner/Creator, Lumpley Games
  361. Meg Baker
    Game Designer, Night Sky Games
  362. Pete Hines
    Vice President, PR and Marketing, Bethesda Softworks
  363. Jon Ingold
    Co-founder, Creative Director, inkle
  364. Phil Tossell
    Game Creator, Nyamyam
  365. Andrew Plotkin
    Interactive Fiction Writer
  366. Dave Gilbert
    Game Designer, Wadjet Eye Games
  367. Stephen Hewitt
    Co-founder, Head of Design, Blazing Griffin
  368. Chris Parsons
    Product Manager, Muzzy Lane
  369. Troy Goodfellow
    Account Manager, Evolve
  370. Justin Korthof
    Community Manager, Robot Entertainment
  371. Andy Moore
    Captain, Radial Games
  372. Jon Shafer
    President, Conifer Games, Conifer Games, Stardock, Firaxis
  373. Charles Battersby
  374. Katelynn Cusanelli
    Actress, MTV Networks
  375. Jennell Jaquays
    Owner, Dragongirl Studios
  376. Rebecca Heineman
    CEO, Olde Skuul
  377. Phil Kollar
    Deputy Reviews Editor, Polygon
  378. Sarah LeBoeuf
    Writer, The Escapist
  379. Cara Scharf
    President, Fearless Media
  380. Ed Davis
    Account Director, AKQA
  381. Dan Behrens
    Musician/Producer, Danimal Cannon
  382. James Therrien
    Musician/Producer, Bright Primate
  383. Lydia Marsala Esrig
    Musician, Bright Primate
  384. Douglas Wilson
    Lead Game Designer and Partner, Die Gute Fabrik
  385. Ramiro Corbetta
  386. Noah Sasso
  387. Akash Thakkar
    Composer/Sound Designer
  388. Russ Pitts
    Editor, Polygon
  389. Mark Klein PsyD.
    Psychologist, The Human Relations Service
  390. Susan Arendt
    The Escapist
  391. Sean Sands
    Co-Founder, Gamers With Jobs
  392. Colette Bennett
    Writer, Destructoid
  393. Mark Barrett
    Artist, Pop Cap Games
  394. Dennis Scimeca
    Freelance writer
  395. Dave Bisceglia
    Co-Founder and CEO, The Tap Lab
  396. Casey Lynch
    Editor-in-Chief, IGN
  397. Daemon Hatfield
    Senior Video Host and Editor, IGN
  398. Greg Miller
    Executive Editor, IGN
  399. Mitch Dyer
    Editor, IGN
  400. Cindy Au
    Head of Community, Kickstarter
  401. Freddie Wong
    Video Game High School Seasons 1 and 2
  402. Max Temkin
    Cards Against Humanity, Philosophy Posters
  403. Jason Graves
    Composer, www.jasongraves.com
  404. Jack Wall
    Composer, www.jackwall.net
  405. Garry Schyman
    Composer, www.garryschyman.com
  406. Kevin Riepl
    Composer, www.kevinriepl.com
  407. Inon Zur
    Composer, www.inonzur.com
  408. Greg Edmonson
    Composer, www.gregedmonson.com
  409. Nabeel Hyatt
    Venture Partner, Spark Capital (Former GM, Zynga Boston)
  410. Toby Maheras
    Event Marketing Manager, WOTC
  411. Alexander Sliwinski
    News Editor, Joystiq
  412. Kyle Orland
    Senior Gaming Editor, Ars Technica
  413. Justin McElroy
    Managing Editor, Polygon
  414. Joseph Valenti
    Editor in Chief, g33kWatch
  415. Katherine Valenti
    Event Coordinator, g33kWatch
  416. Yogesh Menghani
    Jack of All Trades, g33kWatch
  417. Kristin Lindsay
    Foundation Coordinator, Child's Play
  418. Jamie Dillion
    Project Manager, Child's Play
  419. Jeremy Monroe
    General Manager, Wargaming America
  420. Caleb Fox
    Head of eSports, Wargaming America
  421. Dean Dodrill
    President and Creative Director, Humble Hearts, LLC
  422. Alex Kain
    Writer, Humble Hearts, LLC
  423. Geoff Moore
    Founder, Rage Quit Media
  424. Lisa Castaneda
    Middle School Educator
  425. Emily Reese
    Host/Producer, Classical MPR
  426. Catherine Flick
    Lecturer in Computing and Social Responsibility, De Montfort University
  427. Paul LaCen
    Staff Writer, DualShockers
  428. Samuel Liberty
    Co-founder, Spoiled Flush Games
  429. Kevin Spak
    Co-founder, Spoiled Flush Games
  430. Ben Cichoski
    Co-Founder, Super Awesome Games
  431. Rich Gallup
    Co-Founder, Summer Camp Studios
  432. Rick Luddy
    Founder, Red Foe Games
  433. Daniel Mandel
    Co-Founder, Super Awesome Games
  434. Joe Mirabello
    Founder, Terrible Posture Games
  435. Geraldo Perez
    Founder, King Bee Digital Games
  436. Paul Siegel
    Co-Founder, Dancing Sorcerer Games
  437. Tresi Arvizo
  438. Bob Smith
  439. Kelli Dunlap, M.A.
    M.A. Clinical Psychology, PsyD candidate, American School of Professional Psychology
  440. James Sexton, Ph.D., Ph.D.
    Professor, Ph.D. Social Psychology, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, American School of Professional Psychology
  441. John Bain
    Owner, Cynical Brit, LLC
  442. Mackenzie Cameron
    Founder, Going OverBoard: The Board Game Webcomic
  443. Joshua AC Newman
    Publisher, Glyph Press
  444. Robert Bohl
    owner/creator, Robert Bohl Games
  445. Ted Price
    CEO, Insomniac Games
  446. Doug Sheahan
    Lead Gameplay Programmer, Insomniac Games
  447. Mark Stuart
    Lead Designer, Insomniac Games
  448. Justin Gary
    CEO, StoneBlade Entertainment (Gary Games)
  449. Bradley Cummings
    Editor, iOS Board Games on BoardGameGeek
  450. Mark Kaufmann
    Co-Founder, Days of Wonder
  451. Jeff Dougherty
    Founding Producer, Shenandoah Studio
  452. Sean Wilson
    Owner, Button Mash Games
  453. Julian Murdoch
    Podcaster, Gamers With Jobs
  454. Emile Rosales
    The Game Station
  455. Timothy Bishop
    The Game Station
  456. Jonathan Wheeler
    The Game Station
  457. Tracy Hurley
    Blogger/Designer, Sarahdarkmagic.com
  458. Jesse Cox
    Gamestation Podcast
  459. Scott Rubin
    Host, GeekNights
  460. Will Boyer
    Director of Marketing, Curse
  461. Sage LaTorra
    Designer, Sage Kobold Productions
  462. Adam Koebel
    Designer, Sage Kobold Productions
  463. Meguey Baker
    Owner/Creator, Night Sky Games
  464. Lindsay
    Special Effects Costumer, Cerberus Productions
  465. Sharece
    Special Effects Costumer, Cerberus Productions
  466. Shelby
    Special Effects Costumer, Cerberus Productions
  467. Dan Amrich
    Community Manager, Activision
  468. Chris Kohler
    Editor, Wired
  469. Graham Stark
    Producer, Actor, LoadingReadyRun
  470. Kathleen DeVere
    Snark Machine, Loading Ready Run
  471. Vinny Caravella
    Giant Bomb
  472. Ryan Davis
    Co-founder of Giant Bomb, Giant Bomb
  473. Jeff Gerstmann
    Giant Bomb
  474. Patrick Klepek
    Giant Bomb
  475. Rob Hunt
    Director/Cinematographer/Editor, Critical Success Productions
  476. Joanna Gaskell
    Producer/Writer/Actor, Critical Success Productions
  477. Warren Price
    Game Designer, Electronic Arts
  478. Rey Gutierrez
    Video Director, Sony PlayStation
  479. Edelita Valdez
    Frag Doll, Ubisoft
  480. Niero Gonzalez
    Founder and CEO, Destructoid
  481. Omar Abdelwahed
    Senior Online Producer, 2K
  482. Bob Mackey
  483. Marty Sliva
    Associate Editor, IGN
  484. John Delia
    COO, Retroware TV
  485. Joey DeSena
    Contributor, Retroware TV
  486. Joseph Flaherty
    Writer, Wired.com
  487. Adam Poots
    Founder/CEO, Kingdom Death
  488. Chern Ann Ng
    Founder/CEO, CoolMiniOrNot.com
  489. Dan Yarrington
    Founder/CEO, Game Salute
  490. Scott Miller
    Founder/CEO, Dragon Innovation
  491. Alex Navarro
    Giant Bomb
  492. Regina Wu
    Engineer, Intel
  493. Alexa Corriea
    Writer, Polygon
  494. Shawn Caple
    Director, Underbelly
  495. Frank Patterson
    Writer, Underbelly
  496. Newt Wallen
    Writer, Underbelly
  497. Danimal Cannon
  498. Cheap Dinosaurs
  499. Active Knowledge
  500. Damion Schubert
    Lead Systems Designer, Bioware
  501. Jack Graham
    Writer/Designer, Posthuman Studios
  502. Caroline Willis
    Blogger, LARP Couture
  503. Andrew Linstrom
    Blogger/Designer, Most Dangerous Games
  504. Punzie McGinty
    Seamstress, pixel quilting queen, Rapunzel's Tower Etsy store
  505. Chelsea Bloxsom
    Seamstress, monster maker, Love and a Sandwich Etsy store
  506. Kimberly Swanner
    Freelancer, superior ceramist, White Island Bird Studios
  507. Richard Surroz
    Case mod master, Out of the Box Mods
  508. Justin Silverman
    Producer, Underbelly
  509. Guillaume Veillette
    Podcast Editor, Nintendo World Report
  510. Dale North
    Editor-in-Chief, Destructoid
  511. Russ Wakelin
    Host, The D6 Generation Podcast
  512. Christopher Badell
    Design Director, Greater Than Games
  513. Colby Dauch
    Owner, Plaid Hat Games
  514. Geoff Engelstein
    President, Mind Bullet Games
  515. Matt Morgan
    Geek Dad Blogger, Wired Magazine
  516. Amanda McGinnis
    Owner, Console to Closet
  517. Katilin Stewart
    Owner, PwnLove
  518. Mitch Hutts
    Owner, The Drunken Moogle
  519. Jon Kay
    Design Director, Fangamer
  520. Matt Hawkins
    Gaming Culture Journalist
  521. Jonathan Metts
    Contributing Editor, Nintendo World Report
  522. James Jones
    Senior Editor, Nintendo World Report
  523. Jon Lindemann
    Contributing Editor, Nintendo World Report
  524. Brandon Rym DeCoster
    Producer, GeekNights