Third Eye Crime


Indie Megabooth

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DEVELOPER Moonshot Games


GENRE Puzzle / Stealth

Master art thief Rothko has a unique gift: the ability to read minds. With this talent he can infiltrate any location, make off with any prize. But he has attracted the attention of a shadowy master criminal known only as “Caravaggio,” and he is about to be pulled into a city-wide conspiracy. But who is behind it all? And who is playing whom?

Third Eye Crime is Moonshot’s unique take on the stealth/puzzle genre. Use Rothko’s telepathic abilities to sneak your way through 8 chapters of sneaky, heisty fun. Outplay and outwit clever AI that are hell-bent on keeping their stuff!

Featuring gorgeous noir-inspired graphic novel interstitials and a soulful jazz soundtrack, Third Eye Crime is a fiendishly clever stealth puzzle game with a serious noir twist.

Third Eye Crime