SoTE 8 Conference

Welcome to the 8th Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Engagement Conference (SoTE) at Utah Valley University. This year's SoTE Conference invites proposal submissions related to the theme 'Journeys of Discovery'.

The higher education experience, for students, is often thought of as a learning journey, full of rigorous challenges and obstacles but hopefully also peppered with moments of excitement, joy, and the thrill of discovering new viewpoints and ideas. As students progress on their journey, they develop the attitudes and skills that enable them to contribute meaningfully to society and to grapple with today's complex problems. However, starting out on this journey can be more difficult for some, especially for those from underrepresented groups or first generation college students; returning to higher education after being in the workforce for years brings its own challenges and discoveries.

The journey metaphor also applies to professors who work to understand a dynamic population of students and sets of issues within higher education. Looking at development of new, more engaged, pedagogies, and as the ever-expanding landscapes of knowledge and praxis, it is clear that higher education is a journey for those who teach, as well.

SoTE VIII will take place on March 31st and April 1st at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.

The conference this year is organized around four major areas of discovery: engaged classroom pedagogies, inclusive teaching, undergraduate research as a form of pedagogy, and teaching with technology.

At this time, we are pleased to welcome some wonderful guest speakers to the conference: Dr. Nancy Hensel, Past President of the Council on Undergraduate Research and President of the New American Colleges and Universities, and Professor Alejandro Armellini, Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching at the University of Northampton, UK. More will follow!