The Graduate School's Center for Graduate Life


Welcome to UNC Charlotte! This app provides information for the Graduate School's New Student Orientation as well as information and resources you will need in the coming year. The orientation is sponsored by the Center for Graduate Life (CGL).

The Center for Graduate Life (CGL) provides graduate students with centralized space dedicated to their needs. It creates stronger graduate communities by promoting shared experiences, discourse, and activities designed to support interdisciplinary learning.

The Center for Graduate Life is a centralized space which offers services, programs and more - to support your success as a graduate student. Use the CGL, as a resource for professional development, career advice, skills and more.

The Graduate School is committed to providing graduate students at UNC Charlotte with the highest caliber of graduate education. While academic instruction and scholarly research are the ultimate foundation of any graduate education, the Graduate School also recognizes the importance of providing students with resources and services needed to develop themselves professionally. The Graduate School's Center for Graduate Life supports the success of all graduate students.

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