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We welcome you to the 27th ISANA International Education Association Conference at Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand, 7th to 9th December 2016.

The theme for the 2016 conference is Evidence Based Practice in International Education Services.

International Education Professionals are now recognised as integral to not only the wellbeing of international students but also to the sustainability of an internationalised campus. As professionals, they engage in a range of practices that include a diversity of support services (eg. accommodation, admissions, advising, careers and employment advising, counselling, enrolment, health and wellbeing, language and learning, and student mobility). For a long time, these services have been based on best practice benchmarks, experience and student feedback. More recently, there is an increased recognition for data driven and evidence based practice. Therefore, most support service units now also collect information and feedback from international students about their offerings and services. However, it is not always clear how this process can be managed and how the feedback can translate into actual practice and be used to drive policies for the campus.

This conference seeks to explore evidence based practice in international education services by looking at the following;

  1. 1. Improved methodologies and ways for Practitioners to get student feedback.
  2. 2. Improved methodologies and ways for Practitioners to monitor outcomes and evaluate impacts of their programs.
  3. 3. Designing policies and practice based on collected evidence from the coal face.
  4. 4. Case studies in holistic approaches to using evidence to improve systems of support (including the use of learning management systems and student records).
  5. 5. The use of learning analytics in understanding the needs of students.
  6. 6. Evidence based practice can be applied to all areas of international education services.
We look forward to seeing you in Wellington in December 2016.

Jason Cushen, University of Otago
2016 Conference Convenor