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Keeping Score: Creating Effective Documentation In The Workplace

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Nov 2nd at 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM




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Two of the most challenging things managers and human resource professionals are tasked with are conducting performance evaluations and disciplining errant employees. All too often supervisors don’t want to deliver a difficult message about an employee’s performance, so performance evaluations are either ignored or inaccurate. But failing to take employee performance evaluations and discipline seriously can lead to catastrophic consequences in subsequent litigation on these issues. In this session you’ll learn about: The importance of timely, meaningful and well-written performance evaluations; record keeping and feedback to assist in the performance evaluation process; managing difficult employees; proper investigation and documentation of employee misconduct and discipline; delivering the message in a constructive, positive, but firm if necessary, manner; the differences between good documentation (good evidence) and bad documentation (bad evidence) and tips for making yours good; and use of performance evaluations and discipline records as evidence in litigation.