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Guide To Rights And Restrictions On Communicating With Represented Employees

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Nov 2nd at 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM


Labor Relations 


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The rules on direct communications between a public employer and represented public employees continue to evolve. With PERB always prepared to act on claimed violations, its critically important that you know when, how and what to communicate to bargaining unit employees, especially during labor negotiations and union representation proceedings. In this session you’ll learn about PERB’s general rules on direct communications, including before, during, and after a strike; guidelines for developing and implementing public postings on the status of ongoing labor negotiations, and what can and cannot be included in those postings; and general strategies for keeping public employees informed of relevant labor relations issues without interfering with those employees’ associational rights. You’ll also learn how to best gauge your agency’s likelihood of a strike, best strategies for staying operational during a strike, and minimizing the damages of a strike.