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The Death Of The Performance Evaluation In The Public Sector

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Nov 2nd at 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM




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Traditional performance evaluations are an archaic way to manage your workforce. Agencies must recognize this fact to remain competitive and shift to a more fluid “coaching for success” program in order to attract and retain talent and keep their workforce engaged. Annual check-the-box performance meetings cost you unnecessary time with limited returns on the investment in your workforce. There are better ways to motivate, manage, and hold employees accountable. In this session you’ll learn how to stop rating and start coaching for greater success and better outcomes. You’ll learn about a successful coaching model that can replace the traditional performance evaluation and other tools you can use to manage probationary and at-risk employees that compliment a coaching model. You’ll learn how to make this organizational change initiative successful and how to legally implement the change in a union environment.