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Workplace Bullying In The Public Sector

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Nov 3rd at 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM




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This session examines the incidence, prevalence, scope, and severity of workplace bullying in America, identifying at risk organizational practices and professions, as well as the effects of bullying on targeted workers and the trauma experienced by victims. Highlighting the role of human resource professionals, this session offers intervention guidelines and identifies healthy workplace practices, while also highlighting macro policy needs. In this session you’ll learn about: Historical perspectives; who gets bullied and who does the bullying, what kinds of workplaces foster bullying, and scope of the problem; studies in the USA and the international community; clinical data regarding targets from EAP studies; high risk workplace practices; subjective experiences of targets and clinical symptoms; legal dilemmas for targets and for organizations; systemic explanations of workplace bullying; what organizations can do to prevent and remediate bullying via policy, training, and strategic planning; what’s needed in public policy at the macro level; and the status of the Health Workplace Bill.