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What City Managers Want From Their Human Resources Directors / What City Managers Need From Their Human Resources Directors

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Nov 3rd at 3:30 PM until 5:00 PM




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This session draws from the experience of panel members who have repaired the organizational cultures and ultimately improved the performance of cities. It relies heavily on the experience of former Stockton City Manager Bob Deis who, in the words of Stockton's City Council, was the architect of Stockton’s recovery. He has consulted with many other cities in transition, including Oxnard, San Bernardino, and Beaumont. Distressed cities have many things in common and in this session you'll learn how to avoid them. You will learn what City Managers want as a basic level of service and support; what City Managers really need to create a high-performing organization; and how you can ensure your agency has the capacity to meet that goal.