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On Strike! The Nuts And Bolts Of Responding To A Public Employee Strike

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Nov 4th at 8:30 AM until 10:00 AM


Labor Relations 


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A union may resort to a strike or other kind of concerted work action to pressure an employer when negotiations have not progressed as the union would like. Is the strike lawful? What if it’s a sick out? Will other employees honor the picket line? What can an employer say to employees about the strike? Should an employer attempt enjoin the employees and keep them from striking, or would it be better to allow them to strike? When do you proceed to PERB or to court? In this lively and interactive session, expert PERB practioners will explain and discuss the legal realities and the real world practicalities of strikes, describe the detailed process for seeking injunctive relief with PERB, and provide practical advice on handling the media and what to do about sympathy strikers or employees who want to cross the picket line. You’ll learn which issues you need to be aware of when rumors of a strike first bubble up.