1. Appleyard, Ian/Board Member, Conference Program Chair
    City of Oakland
  2. Abuan, Rizza/Committee Member
    City of Los Angeles
  3. Allen, Carol/Committee Member
    Sonoma County
  4. Bellow, LaTanya/Committee Member
    City of South San Francisco
  5. Bonner, Robert/Committee Member
    Sacramento County
  6. Boutté, Debora/Board Member
    Retired Member
  7. Busquets, Joaquin/Committee Member
    City of Burbank
  8. Callahan, Micki/Board Member
    City & County of San Francisco
  9. Cassell, Susan/CALPELRA Executive Staff
    CALPELRA Managing Director
  10. Castillo, Charlie/Committee Member
    Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  11. Comelo, Anil/Board Member
    City of Oakland
  12. Curtis, Jennifer/Board Member
    City of Pasadena
  13. Gill, Debra/Committee Member
    City of Pleasanton
  14. Harpole, Thom/Board Member
    San Diego State University
  15. Hines, Lorenzo/Committee Member
    City of Pacifica
  16. Howerton, Rhonda/CALPELRA Executive Staff
    CALPELRA Business Manager
  17. Kimbell-Smith, Mary/Committee Member
    Cosumnes Community Services District (Retired)
  18. Kuka, Michelle/Committee Member
    San Mateo County
  19. Lawson, Suzanne/Committee Member
    City of Oakland
  20. Ortiz, Rose J./CALPELRA Executive Staff
    CALPELRA Event Manager
  21. Paniagua, Suzanne/Committee Member
    Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
  22. Perry, John/Committee Member
    City of West Sacramento
  23. Rankin, Brad/Committee Member
    San Diego County
  24. Silva, Teri/Committee Member
    City of Sunnyvale
  25. Silva, Suzanne/Committee Member
    Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District
  26. Strafaci, Sam/Committee Member
    University of California, Irvine
  27. Stevens, M. Carol/CALPELRA Executive Staff
    CALPELRA Executive Director
  28. Sui, May/Committee Member
    City of Cupertino
  29. Vaillancourt, Donna/Board Member
    San Mateo County
  30. Walsh, Lori/Board President
    Placer County