Deis, Bob

Bob Deis has spent 34 years in public service managing cities and counties in California, Oregon, and Washington. He retired as the city manager of Stockton, CA. He inherited an insolvent city of 300,000 that was chaotic and in distress from operational, budget and governance perspectives. In 3.5 years, he installed a new management team and created a new high-performing organizational culture; put the city on a path to solvency by taking the severe but necessary step of seeking bankruptcy protection; restructured and eliminated massive short and long term obligations; and, passed a unique revenue measure.

Bob has provided consultant advice to various local governments in distress, including San Bernardino, Beaumont, and Oxnard, CA covering the development of strategic plans, organizational assessments and strategies for recovering from organizational distress. He has helped City Managers and Human Resource Directors create new organizational cultures around good governance, high performance and the highest ethical and professional standards.