Holtzman, Jonathan

Jonathan V. Holtzman is a founding partner of Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP (Public Law Group®). His practice assists government agencies to maintain and expand public services through labor negotiation, fact finding, arbitration, litigation, and ballot initiatives. He specializes in addressing long-term structural issues relating to pensions, health benefits, retirement health benefits, civil service reform, and other means of attaining greater government effectiveness through collective bargaining and reorganization. His practice includes drafting ballot and other legislative measures and initiatives, litigating issues of constitutional and statutory interpretation, and electoral matters.

Mr. Holtzman worked for the City and County of San Francisco for fifteen years, initially as the City’s chief labor and employment attorney. In that role, he was a chief negotiator with the City’s 47 unions, and acted as lead counsel in employment litigation matters. He later was appointed Chief Deputy City Attorney, and, in addition to labor matters, was a principal architect of the City Attorney’s nationally recognized affirmative litigation program. He became Director of Labor and Policy in the office of Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. in his final years with the City.

Mr. Holtzman attended Stanford Law School and clerked for California Supreme Court Associate Justice Otto M. Kaus.