Kaneko, Katie

Katie is one of the two principals of Koff & Associates, a full-spectrum public sector Human Resources consulting firm. She brings twenty-five (25) years of management-level human resources experience to Koff & Associates, both as a human resources director and as a management consultant in the hi-tech industry as well as the public sector. She has extensive experience in compensation including equity plans and performance incentive programs, survey design and reporting, recruitment in both the public and private sector, staffing, classification and job analysis, compensation and job evaluation techniques, employee relations, retention strategies, infrastructure development, coaching, policy and procedure development, mergers and acquisitions, change management, and employee training.

With a Bachelor in Business Administration, Katie started her career as a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) in an international accounting/consulting firm. She transitioned into Human Resources within the firm to become the Human Resources Director of the San Francisco office. She then moved into the hi-tech industry where she served in leadership positions for high-growth, startup, and organizations in transition. Her primary focus in recent years has been in classification, compensation, and recruitment services in the public sector. Katie joined K&A in 2000 and has been the firm’s President since 2005.

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