Sloan, Jeff

Jeff Sloan is a labor and employment lawyer with more than 35 years of experience representing public sector and nonprofit clients, including public, charter and nonprofit schools. His work spans collective bargaining negotiations, investigations, arbitrations, writ and appellate litigation, disciplinary matters, training, and matters under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board and Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).

Jeff often serves as chief negotiator for cities, counties, special districts, schools, and nonprofit entitles. He has worked with unions representing all categories of employees in non-sworn and sworn employment. His negotiations work includes mediations and fact-findings under state statutes. He also often serves as a consultant and strategist to public and non-profit employers regarding collective bargaining matters.

Jeff has been a strong contributor to the development of California public sector law throughout his career. To date, he has represented PERB and public employers in over 35 cases that resulted in published decisions from the California Court of Appeal and Supreme Court on a wide variety of labor law developments.