Stevens, M. Carol

M. Carol Stevens, CALPELRA's Executive Director, is responsible for the administration and management of CALPELRA, including operations, creation and delivery of the CALPELRA's programs, fiscal management, and supervision of professional and administrative staff, contractors, and consultants involved in the delivery of quality services to the CALPELRA membership. Ms. Stevens reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Ms. Stevens is well known for creatively resolving difficult and complex labor relations disputes. As one of the leading legal practitioners of public employment and labor relations law, Ms. Stevens has shared her Legal Trends Presentation as one of CALPELRA's Annual Conference keynotes for more than 20 years. Ms. Stevens co-developed, co-presented, and wrote CALPELRA Alerts and much of the CALPELRA Labor Relations Academy study materials, including Academy programs covering advanced negotiations, factfinding, pension funding, grievance processing, arbitration, and special issues.

M. Carol Stevens has practiced employment and labor relations law for public agencies in California for more than 38 years and has advised employers in nearly all facets of labor relations and employment litigation. Ms. Stevens has represented California's public employers in negotiations with employee organizations, pension matters, grievance and interest arbitrations, PERB proceedings, state/federal courts, and other administrative procedures.

Ms. Stevens has written extensively about labor relations issues. Ms. Stevens is the co-author of the 2015 CPER Pocket Guide, Disability Discrimination In The California Workplace, an update of her 2007 and 2011 CPER Pocket Guide of the same name. Ms. Stevens' CPER Pocket Guide on Factfinding was published in November 2013 and will be updated and republished in November 2016.

A graduate of Hamline University (B.A., 1970) and University of St. Thomas (M.A., 1972), Ms. Stevens earned her Juris Doctor (1978) from University of San Diego School of Law.