Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials

If you have any doubt or concern about a hazardous material, contact Environmental Management (ENVM) at 565-2109.

General Information:

• Hazardous Materials must be handled carefully and properly disposed in compliance with state and federal regulations.

• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) are required for each chemical in the workplace and must be readily accessible. These sheets contain detailed information about individual chemicals.

• All chemicals must be labeled. Container Labels should have:

o The name of the chemical
o Hazards of the chemical
o Personal Protection
o First aid information

• Any container without a label should be considered hazardous.

• Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) must be available and used when working with hazardous materials.

Spill Response and Management:

• If there is an immediate danger to health, life, property, or risk of an environmental release, evacuate the area and contact ENVM and emergency personnel immediately at 565-2109. All spills occurring after normal working hours should be reported to the University Police Department (UPD) at 565-3000. A UPD representative will contact ENVM if necessary.

• Each laboratory should have a spill kit. In the event of a spill which does not meet the above criteria; stop the spill, contain the spill, notify others in area, and clean up immediately. All flames should be extinguished and spark-producing equipment turned off. All non-essential personnel should be evacuated.

• After cleaning up the spill, place the chemical and absorbents in a container with a Hazardous Waste label on it. A Chemical Waste Pickup Request form should be submitted, as in other waste disposal. Ensure that the Hazardous Waste label identifies the absorbent and the chemical(s).

Chemical Waste Pick-up Procedures:

• Hazardous waste must be properly disposed.

• Never throw chemicals in the trash or pour down a drain.

• In order to have hazardous waste picked-up from your accumulation area, submit a Hazardous Materials Pickup Request, available online at https://riskmanagement.unt.edu/riskman/index.php?section=hazmatpickup. Complete only one request form for large chemical waste pickups. If there are numerous chemical wastes to be picked up, list all of the chemicals on the same request form.

• Provide as much information about the contents of each container as possible. As a minimum, the chemicals' names, the number of containers, and the total weight or volume should be listed.