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RT01 SAHGB Roundtable: The Audience for Architectural History in the 21st Century

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Jun 8th at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM


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This roundtable foreshadows what the SAHGB hopes will be its session at the SAH 2018 St. Paul conference, on the audience for architectural history in the 21st century. What are our methodologies? What do we teach, and why? Who are we teaching—postgraduate students of course, but also undergraduates? What are students' backgrounds—how relevant is western European architectural history to students from the Far East? What departments are we in—our own of architectural history, or in departments of architecture, history of art, or history? What subjects are our students primarily studying? Why do many schools of architecture teach little architectural history? Does computer-generated architectural form make historical precedent redundant? What of students' experiences of being taught? Is our teaching purely for the academy, or does what we teach architects have wider practical—and visual—implications? What if the audience is a town-planning authority and the question is whether to permit demolition or to list/put on the National Register? What about the wider public audience through museums, national parks, and preserved historic buildings?