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Alice Steinglass runs the product, engineering and marketing teams at Her team partners with education and software companies across the industry to run the Hour of Code - a global movement reaching 10's of millions of students in over 180 countries. Beyond the hour of code, her teams build tools and software to support introductory computer science classes for students from kindergarten through high school.<o:p></o:p>

Alice is dedicated to increasing diversity in computer science by giving every student the opportunity to learn computer science in school. With a student base that is 43% female and 37% African American or Hispanic, has already enrolled over 2 million girls in our Computer Science Fundamentals classes.<o:p></o:p>

Prior to, Alice led various teams at Microsoft: she managed the PM team for the UX Platform on HoloLens, designed APIs and developer client libraries for Xbox 360, ran an ecosystem outreach and UX team for Windows and built project management tools.<o:p></o:p>