Janet Dykstra

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Janet Dykstra is a biologist working as a science curriculum specialist at Measured Progress in Dover, NH. She currently develops formative assessments and teacher support materials aligned to the NGSS for K-12 classrooms. In addition, Janet is an NGSS@NSTA curator of NGSS-aligned curriculum resources for High School Life Science teachers. She has 12 years of college science teaching experience and 10 years of science assessment experience. Focusing primarily on technology-enhanced test items, Janet developed science assessment materials for a variety of statewide assessment contracts, including alternative assessments. Janet has also collaborated to create innovative computer-adaptive interim assessments aligned to the NGSS and worked to increase awareness about universal design for learning (UDL). She has a B.S. in biology and an M.S. in biological oceanography. Janet recently returned to graduate school to study educational design, cognitive science, and innovative technologies for teaching and learning, earning an Ed.M. degree in 2013