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Process improvement (10% incremental improvement, operational excellence, continuous improvement, the Toyota Production System, Six Sigma, Lean, kaizen, local optimization) is a strategic competency needed by every organization, but it isn't sufficient in today's competitive world. As the business world shifts from competing with physical assets and people to data and software, organizations become more and more dependent on process innovation (10X innovation, radical change, design thinking, product and service disruption, incubation, end-to-end optimization). An example to show the evolution is GE's shift from Six Sigma to Lean Six Sigma to Lean Startup to competing on software with Predix.

Historically, conventional wisdom said you could only be world class at one of three value propositions: operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership. Today, companies need all three to compete, particularly those that are being disrupted by software startups and big software-based companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which are in fact doing all three. How are they doing it?

This keynote will discuss the major roadblocks to transitioning legacy organizations from continuous process improvement to continuous process innovation, and shed light on how these roadblocks can be lifted.

Featured guest appearance: Gian Martinez, a startup leader using the Coca-Cola Founders Platform, will show how Coca-Cola is innovating through the example of Winnin – a social media site where young people submit recommendations that compete with each other.