This survey will give Wisconsin DECA information regarding your conference experience.


Opening Session: We worked with the production company to streamline the session and shorten the recognition of chapter initiatives, specifically Community Service Recognition. Our goal was to make opening session high energy and as brief as possible, without sacrificing any content. Please share your opinion about the format of our opening session.

I liked the way chapters were recognized this year
Remove Community Service Recognition from SCDC
No Opinion

This year we did not play the Red Apple Advisor Award videos at Opening Session in an attempt to keep this session as brief as possible. How did you like this?

Excellent, keep the same format for 2018
Poor, bring back the videos for 2018

If your students attended Kyle Willkom's Wednesday workshops, please rate the experience

My students really enjoyed the activity; Bring back Kyle for 2018
My students had mixed emotions regarding the Leadership Activity; Overall, the event added value to the conference
My students did NOT enjoy the Leadership Activity; Bring in a new presenter

Please share your opinions on the format for the Wednesday night dinner.

Please keep this year's format for the future (everyone has the same dinner)
Please consider bringing back the old format (formal dinner for those attending Formal Awards, casual dinner for those not attending the Formal Awards Session)
I have no preference

How did your chapter enjoy the pasta buffet for Wednesday night?

My chapter enjoyed the pasta buffet
My chapter liked the idea of a buffet but would change the food options for next year
My chapter would prefer a plated dinner (with an understanding we will have limited options on the menu based on budget)

Please share your comments on laser tag as the entertainment on Wednesday night.

The students enjoyed the laser tag; bring it back in 2018
My student did not enjoy laser tag; please consider changing the entertainment for 2018
My chapter did not participate in laser tag

If your chapter stayed at the Timber Ridge Resort, please complete the following questions: Please rate your overall experience at the Timber Ridge

Excellent, our chapter would stay at the Timber Ridge again
Good, but our chapter would prefer to stay at the Grand Geneva in the future
Poor, our chapter does not want to stay at Timber Ridge again
Our chapter liked the Grand Geneva and Timber Ridge equally and would stay at either property
Our chapter did not stay at Timber Ridge

Please check all that apply in regards to transportation to and from the Timber Ridge

Transportation was available at all the necessary times
Additional transportation is needed if Timber Ridge is used next year
Too much transportation, buses/trolleys were often empty
Our chapter did not stay at Timber Ridge

If transportation was not available when a student/advisor needed it, the front desk was able to call for transportation and it arrived in a timely manner.

We never had to wait for transportation, it was always available when needed
Our chapter did not stay at Timber Ridge

If Wisconsin DECA decides to keep the conference attendance at 1,400 for 2017, would you suggest we use the Timber Ridge as the overflow hotel? (Note: Chapters that stay at Timber Ridge will rotate so your chapter would not be places at the overflow hotel two years in a row, unless you request to stay there).

Yes, it is a great option to allow more students to experience SCDC
No, staying at the Timber Ridge negatively changed the experience of SCDC for my students
Our chapter did not stay at Timber Ridge

How much did the conference app contribute to your overall SCDC experience? (1=not at all, 5=a great deal)

5 being the highest. Leave blank if N/A.

Please provide any additional feedback here: