Dress Code

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DECA Dress Code for Professional Business Attire/When Appearing Before Judges, General Sessions, Workshops.
  • Females: Business suit or blazer with dress blouse and dress skirt or dress slacks or business dress. Dress shoes (no tennis shoes or flip-flop sandals)
  • Males: Business suit or sport coat with dress slacks, collared dress shirt and necktie
  • Dress shoes and socks (no tennis shoes)
WI DECA Pride for the Wednesday Afternoon Leadership Activity, Laser Tag, and DECA Dance
  • SCDC CONFERENCE T SHIRTS with jeans, khakis, shorts, athletic shoes
  • Athletic style clothing such as track pants, sweat pants or leggings are NOT acceptable for DECA Dance.
Please note: Students can dress in either Professional Business Attire or WIDECA Pride for the Wednesday night dinner. If they are attending the formal awards, they must be dressed in Professional Business Attire at dinner.

The following are unacceptable during DECA activities:
  • Skin-tight or revealing clothing
  • Midriff baring clothing
  • Leggings or graphic designed hosiery/tights
  • Clothing with printing that is suggestive, obscene or promotes illegal substances
  • Athletic clothing
  • Swimwear