NNPN 2016 National Showcase of New Plays

Welcome all!

We are thrilled that you are joining us for this weekend showcasing the new works that National New Play Network's Member Theaters, Affiliated Artists, and partnering organizations found so interesting that they wanted us all to know them. We'd like to thank those of you that read the more than 65 plays nominated this season, and those playwrights whose works we had an opportunity to read. The selected six represent the most engaging new scripts in the lot, and we're sure you will come away with at least one new favorite play or playwright from our time together.

NNPNers love to celebrate what we believe is the best part of the Network - the Networking! Please take advantage of this great convening of new play professionals and those who support their work by meeting as many of your colleagues as you can and, as always, sharing the work that you are most excited about. We can't wait to learn more.