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Br'er Cotton

Directed by Rhonda Boutté
Submitted by Kitchen Dog Theatre (Core Member)
December 10 | 2:00pm | Oscar G. Brockett Theatre

Lynchburg, Virginia. The former site of a thriving cotton mill is now an impoverished neighborhood. Deeply affected by all the recent killings of young black men like himself, Ruffrino, a 14 year old “militant," incites riots at school and online. More and more at odds with his mother and grandfather, the boy's anger grows beyond containment while the family home literally sinks into the cotton field, and no one seems to notice but him. He's out to save the world, wake up the zombies, and prove by any means necessary that Black Lives Matter.

  • Kyle Fox Douglas…...Ruffrino
  • Katy Tye…...Caged_Bird99
  • Stormi Demerson…...Nadine
  • Selmore Haines, III…...Matthew
  • Clay Yocum*…...Officer
  • Christian Robert Black…...Stage Manager/Directions

*member of the Actors Equity Association