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Nguyen Stanton

Nguyen (pronounced 'Win') Stanton caught the acting bug in 2009, when she first stepped on stage performing with The Baron's Men, her award-winning troupe specializing in historically accurate presentation of Elizabethan/Shakespearean theater. Since then she has performed in numerous stage productions in Austin, Leander, and Wimberley, playing a variety of roles including male Roman soldier, sea hag, pigeon, English bar maid, guerrilla fighter, werewolf, lechery, and Helen of Troy. Nguyen also has extensive film experience and a wide range including roles such as ninja, sex worker, invalid, murder victim, law enforcement, doctor, newscaster, and drug dealer. And, she is a fashion model who loves bringing her energy to the catwalk, showcasing the work of local designers. In her biggest role ever, Nguyen is mother to 11-year-old Isabel and 6-year-old Philip!